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What are You Willing to Fight For? – The G&E Show

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What Are You Willing to Fight For?
There will be a day as you expand that you’ll have to defend. Any business, any couple, and any individual who grows will eventually hit resistance. Whether it comes as little distractions that cut you off your purpose or an outright attack, you will have to fight to defend what you have.
3 Questions to Consider to Defend Your Empire:
#1 What are you willing to defend?
#2 What are you willing to do in the fight to defend?
#3 Do you have the resources?
When you expand, you need security, locks, and walls. Defending takes money, resources, time, and energy. You need friends and allies. If you build an empire but don’t protect it, you won’t keep it. And if you don’t have something to defend, it’s because you’re busy attacking those who do have an empire!

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