Grant Cardone TV Weekly Updates with Robert Syslo Jr Week of March 21st

In this March 21st edition of Grant Cardone TV weekly Updates, Robert Syslo, Director of Production for Grant Cardone TV, informs on the latest news with each show, what events and promotions to look out for, and to subscribe to the fastest growing digital business network out there— and this week Grant Cardone had one the most explosive episodes yet on the Cardone Zone talking about what to do when you screw up. Dre All Day Baldwin has six new episodes coming down the pipeline including topics on building your brand and has a great episode on how to change and manage your habits. Don’t miss Market Maker with Steve Kalayjian talking about the DOW and great selling opportunities you can’t miss. Young Hustlers has another must see episode out with the latest pitch episode so that you can get your pitch tight and under 20 seconds. Finally, keep your eye out for Sterling Anderson’s new product coming out for those of you in the real-estate space. April 1 WIT season 2 will be released! Watch out for Grant’s upcoming new documentary as well, which will tell Grant’s story from his early years. Grant Cardone TV has also hooked up with Roku—one of the biggest streaming distribution platforms in the world.

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