Grant Cardone TV Weekly Updates with Robert Syslo Jr Week of March 28 | Grant Cardone TV
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Grant Cardone TV Weekly Updates with Robert Syslo Jr Week of March 28

In this Show

It was a busy week at Grant Cardone TV, new content, new faces and interesting concepts.

First off Network Marketing Moguls had a special guest in studio this week, with Ray Higdon
in this interview Grant and Ray talked about how he built a multi-million dollar empire from online and offline strategies in the network marketing industry. A terrific interview full of the best tips for people interested in network marketing.

Grant Cardone delivered a strong cardonezdne on investing 101, this aired Friday March 25th,
and tackled the tough questions regarding when should you invest, how starting small does nothing over time, the need to not diversify but rather focus on one investment, and if you are looking for financial freedom investing is your number key to success.

Dre All Day Baldwin dropped multiple episodes this week the latest is that of how to brand yourself while maintaining everything in your life from your main job, to your family and everything else.

David Frangipani and I put a show together about how to be persistent, Aerosmiths music technologist dropped some serious facts and hard truths in dealing with adversity in the face of attaining your goals, him and I had an epic conversation check out that interview live right now.

Your network is your net worth! Jarrod Glandt and Grant Cardone on Young Hustlers talked about what a network really is and how does that effect your rate of success and wealth? What is your network?
• Immediate Family
• Friends
• Extended Family
• Co-Workers
• Social Media connections
• What you are reading
• What you are listening to

Most people do not want to confront evil, and With the recent events in Brussels this past week Grant and Elena Cardone on the GE Show talked about how to be prepared for any criss that can effect you and your family. This was a detailed show about People need to pull their head out of the sand. You don’t want to be in a position of regret by being unprepared. Check out that live interview on

Sky diamonds TV is back and Lee Haight battles a ragging hail storm right in his own backyard literally, check out his epic duel with hail thunder and lightning and how he uses this opportunity to capitalize on deals right in his own neighborhood. That interview is Live right now.

Also Whatever it Takes Season2 is airing this Friday finally the wait is over and the season premiere is happening! Check out Grant Cardone’s ultimate job interview and its gonna be sick, we kept track of how many violations Grant had in hiring code and even had to remove some things because they were so obscene! Subscribe to Grant Cardone TV now to be the first notified on the season premiere.