Week of June 5th, 2016

This week was an amazing week on the network new content new faces and more outstanding messages to better your finances and your life.

First up Grant dropped the playbook to millions on the cardonezdne do you know what it takes to become a millionaire do you what the steps are and he mental attitude find out as grant takes you through on the Cardonezdne premiered this past Friday!

Scarlett and Sabrina Cardone make a special appearance on their show 10X kids they talked about the importance of manners and the importance of work. Some valuable lessons even us older people can learn from catch up on 10X kids with the family!

Brad lea is back again dropping everything from discussing bad credit, how to discipline your kids and even discussing further how to be a better entrepreneur check it out on the bottom line.

Grant and Jarrod were back talking about how to handle the gorilla in your life, you have to put it down even if its friends family a problem shoot and get it out your life so that you can control your environment and move forward. Check it out Young Hustlers!

David Frangioni and I sat down to continue our discussion about the soundtrack for your life, what music inspires you how does it jack you up and how can you use it to fuel your life check it out on your rockstar business.

Dre all day Baldwin content making machine drops video content on insurance ideas, marketing and how to develop your brand for multiple businesses. Dre keep it coming check it out on Dre All Day.

The dynamic duo grant and elena were back discussing how to hit targets together as family, the importance of getting everyone on the same page and how to celebrate achieving a massive goal! Check them out they give more tips on the G & E Show.

Anthony Powell was back with Alex Becker this week the two discussed how to grow your digital empire using different strategies and techniques to create increased finances and income for your life. They take you through step by step how to implement strategies to grow your downline and increase your online business.

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