Week of April 4th, 2016 with Robert Syslo Jr

Whatever it Takes Season 2 Episode 1 Premiered Last night to a massive following which contestant will have the stamina to go through the grueling beach workout Grant puts them through with former professional boxer and fitness instructor Dentato De Martiis? Who will prove they have not only the drive, but the skills to work for Grant? Find out now as season 2 of Whatever It Takes launches an explosive episode 1 full of twists and turns.

Dre All Day Baldwin launches his show Respect What you got here We all make changes for the better as time goes on. There is always a way to improve. BUT, there are some principles that got you to where you are — Dre Baldwin shares how you can stay connected to those principles, habits, and tactics.

Network Marketing Moguls premiered yet another episode with pioneer Darrin Kidd tune in grantcardonetv.com/networkmarketing moguls to learn more about this massive industry how you can increase your income and work with the right people

This past week Elena and Grant take on Big Pharma in the GE Show, there are no shortcuts in life confront every situation good or bad, The bottom line is most of the time drugs are not needed. Drugs are seen as an easy solution. There are no short cuts in life folks. Big Pharma manufactures problems. People must confront the pain, ask why they have the pain in the first place, take no short cuts, and never trust the “trusted” sources. you can see this episode at https://grantcardonetv.com/geshow

Lee Haight Sky Diamonds is back premiering his episode on how to leave a legacy in your business, this episode talks about how to obtain large loss commercial clients, retain them and 10x your business.

The Cardone Zone aired its episode on how to get your mind on your money, how does a millionaire think, what do they do and how do they keep their mind on their money? This unique cardonezdne episode will show you exactly how to get your mind on your money.

Live from VEGAS Grant Cardone and Jarrod glands deliver one of the funniest most entertaining and highly valuable Young Hustler Episodes from Las Vegas on Customer service. What is it, how do you do it and what distinguishes you from everyone else when it comes to the customer service industry. you can see this episode lat grantcardonetv.com/younghustlers.

Network Marketing Pioneer Andy Frisella sits down one on one with Grant Cordon in a special no hold bars interview on what it takes to grow a business, develop a strategy and grow your name. You see that at grantcardonetv.com/gcevents.

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