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Last week I wrote an article about the culture of my company Wealth DynamX. Our culture is what makes us unique from every other financial firm out there. Another company like Wealth DynamX really does not exist. (To read part 1 click here. To read part II click here.) The belief of a company shapes they way a company thinks and acts which is the direct cause of the results that you as a client will experience with that company. Here are 3 more of Wealth DynamX’s non-negotiables.

1. Follow the system. Much of what Wealth DynamX does is coaching clients towards a life of abundance and prosperity. Everything that we coach on is done on a methodical, thought out system. This allows for duplication of the same result and it also makes coaching much easier. The system is so important because it makes things predictable and repeatable. Building wealth is not a guessing game. Clients are given an exact system to follow as well as our staff members who operate on a precise system while serving our clients. Those who follow the system win. Those who aren’t winning are most likely not following the system.

2. No negativity. Negativity simply isn’t allowed. Yes we all have a rough day or a frustrating circumstance and that is a normal emotion to experience in that circumstance, but chronic negativity is a distinct personal choice. When a person is operating on a basis of negativity we do not allow that person to be a client or a staff member. Our environment is positive. We want positive clients with big dreams, and big action behind those dreams. Positive people win and share it with others. Negative people lose and make it the fault of other people.

3. Respect time. Time is literally the most valuable asset on the planet next to life itself. We do not know how much we have and we cannot get back what we have already used. Therefore, it is of chief importance that time be respected. This means Wealth DynamX must be on time for our clients. We believe we must start and finish on time. This also means clients must be on time. Being late to coaching sessions, not being ready on goal dates, and not showing up is not an acceptable routine. This also means that our staff must be instantaneous with their delivery. When a client signs up with us, they must be in training & winning on our program immediately. Wasting others’ time is considered to be theft and theft to the highest degree only next to wasting or taking a life.

Again this is part III of an VIII part series and my intention is to give you a clear idea of what my company believes, how we think, what we do, and the results we can create in your life. If you want to build indestructible wealth, live a life of abundance & prosperity, and ultimately see the greatness you are truly capable of, my company is the only financial firm who can truly make that happen for you. If you’d like to learn more about Wealth DynamX click here.

Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta believes everyone has the God-given right to own their potential. Most of us don’t because we spend 40 hours per week serving the 40 year to life sentence, trading our precious time for worthless paper called money.

We live on an economic planet and time and money do need to be exchanged. But it doesn’t need to be your time or your money. Jerry teaches his clients to secure income producing assets that make the time and money exchange for you so you can buy your freedom back and live a life of abundance and prosperity. To get there we must know how to make money, how to keep it, and how to multiply it.

Jerry provides coaching, education, accountability, and community to help you build wealth. Join the Wealth DynamX coaching program, get educated on Wealth DynamX University, and begin networking with the Wealth DynamX Mastermind Group today.

To get started, go to www.WealthDynamX.com/potential

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