We Recommend Aero & Marine to Others- Tom Alston

“I actually learned a lot. We recommend Aero & Marine to others. It sure worked for us!”

When the owner of a Southern California produces company needed to purchase a Beechcraft Baron airplane, he turned to Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to help him save money on the sales tax.

A company executive, Mark Vestal, stated: “We needed the aircraft so we could be able to travel between growing areas in a timely manner. We are in the produce business, and we wouldn’t be able to do trips in one day on commercial airlines. With our own airplane, we would be able to fly both to Arizona and inspect produce there and then fly to, say, Salinas in the same day to meet growers and shippers there. We saw Aero & Marine Tax Professionals advertised on the internet, so we called them up. We got a personal assistant from the company that helped us through the process. It gave a much better understanding of the tax liabilities and what needs to be done through this process. I actually learned a lot. We recommend them to others. It sure worked for us!”


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