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The Way You Think Cost You Millions – Grant Rant

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Hey Grant Cardone here your friend in sales and in business and in the way you think if you have ever heard yourself say, and I know you have, because I’ve done it so many times this one idea has held me back from millions and millions of dollars. And that one idea, and by the way the ideas that you think of can hold you back I think you can agree with that, that idea is “man, that costs a lot of money.” You ever been to a restaurant and you were like “oh my god!” You go to a movie theatre oh my god they are getting that much for a 3D movie!? You get the popcorn oh my god thats a lot of money. Dude its $6.00 for a box of popcorn at the movie it’s almost criminal. But that is not a lot of money, if $6.00 is a lot of money for a box of popcorn how will you ever in your lifetime be able to confront a million dollars? See when you see the price of something at the restaurant or the popcorn or the movie or the vacation, or the trip, or the first class ticket or whatever it is, or at one of my seminars and your like man thats a lot of money man! Dude every time you say that about a little bit of money a lot of money becomes impossible. I am here just trying to change the way you think and the way you think is going to cause you to act and do and perform in certain ways. so every time you see a $50.00 dollar t-bone and another $25.00 for the lobster thats $75.00 for the meal. And you say thats a lot of money just remember this every time $75.00 becomes a lot of money $7 million becomes impossible.