So You Want to Be a Real Estate Investor?

So you want to be a Real Estate Investor?

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Its really not that hard ..

Real Estate happens to be one of easier business to understand and learn.

Buy at a lower price then you sell it for. In some cases buy the deal collect rent then sell it for a profit.. Pretty simple strategy’s!

step 1. Find a reliable funding source, align yourself with a true asset based lender that has the ability to close and make your deals happen ..

step 2. Find deals !! it’s really that simple, People want to make it sound difficult, they make it seem as if there’s all kinds of systems, softwares and programs that you need . what is really needed is the will to succeed.  Find a deal and make it work.

Get to the finish line.

One of the key elements to being a successful real estate investor is having access to CAPITAL, FUNDING, CASH   a.k.a.


Having a lender on your team will help your business explode.. Most of the TV flipping shows only got one part right . They show the proper use of HARD MONEY . They show the flippers finding a deal, making a all cash offer ( use of hard money) with the ability to close ASAP giving them a competitive edge and and Getting the deal at a discount , then you see the rehab process.. fast forward to the sale . Then you see there profits. In most cases they do pretty good for 90 days of effort. And

Most of it, 90% is being done with OPM = others people’s money ..

Let’s do the math , In most hard money deals you will need to put 20% down of the purchase price unless you have a good amount of experience then it will go down to 10% a good hard money lender will also lend the rehab costs as well .. All lenders will charge points at the closing.In Most case it will be from 3-5 % of the loan amount, this is how they make there money, since you are only paying interest for the time you have the out .. this means you will only be paying interest while you are using the Money.

Hard Money loans are typically interest only with a ballon payment.

The deal will look like this .

Acquisition- $100k

Down payment 20% = $20k

Hard Money loan $80k +

Rehab- $15k

Lender points- 4% = $3200

Total Loan $91,800

@10% interest = $918per month x 3 months = $2754

Deal cost $94,554

Sale price -$160,000

  • Minus closing costs

Profit- $65,446

That is over a 300% cash on cash return on your investment !

The point is don’t get hung up on the lenders interest rate and points, Be concerned with the lenders ability to close ASAP and work with you to build your business. Focus on what you’re out of pocket expenses are and what your profits will be !

If done correctly you will be making a great return on your money while using mostly OPM !!

Marc Schulman


Icon Realty Capital

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