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Google’s top ranking factors are links, so without them ranking on Google is almost impossible.

It is crucial for you to educate yourself about links and do a full link audit. Don’t just take a look at a sample of links and assume that all of them will have a similar risk. If you do this you run the risk of getting false security from a link because you focused on only a fraction of it.

Additionally, it is not just about the quantity, but also the quality of the links you use. A partial audit will not be enough to recover your rank. You want to make sure you are not missing any toxic links. It can be difficult to get a full idea and picture of what your backlink profile looks like.

Get rid of your old, spam-full links inside your backlink profile. If you don’t clean it up your website will never rank well on Google. In today’s world every link building mistake can lead to a Google Penalty. Avoid these issues by making sure that your backlink profile is low risk and strong.

LinkResearchTools (LRT) will take the time to look at your full backlink profile so that won’t miss out on all the benefits that come with an increase in organic traffic. You can increase your leads and create more sales by committing to do a backlink audit the correct way.

LinkResearchTools (LRT) shows you not only your full backlink profile but also cleans, re-crawls and verifies the link data for you. When it comes to link data quality, LinkResearchTools (LRT) has no competitors. Increase your transaction volume here.

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