Too many people worry about what they get rather than what they give out to the market place, out to your friends, and out to your family. The attitude of service, the attitude of helping, the attitude of caring, of wanting to assist and support others will bring you abundant levels of success.

Too many people have their hand out thinking and saying, “Hey what do I get?”“What am I going to get paid for this job?” “What are the benefits of the job going to be?” If you want that job you should be saying, “This is what I’m going to give you”. Go into all situations with what you have to offer, what you have to give, what you can contribute to the world, and the world will open up its treasure box and give you all the gold it has. Give, give, give.

It’s about having an attitude of abundance. The more you give, the more you’ll have to give. I have an old friend who came from a poverty situation. He had nothing. He now has over 1,600 apartments in California and has abundance in his life. I’m going to tell you how he got there. First, he committed to getting his life better. Second, he is one of the most generous guys I’ve ever met. If the pizza is $30 he’s going to tip the guy $20. He treats his life as though it’s abundant and he gets abundance in return.

This give, give, give thing needs to be genuine. Give with sincerity and be authentic. My seminar business was about giving meetings. I knocked on doors, “Hey can I motivate your people? It will just take me 10 minutes and it will increase your sales.” I give, and if they like me enough they do business because they want to give something back as reciprocation. If it’s not real and authentic they’ll know it. So you must do it with intention in your heart that you will give to people.

I’m not worried about getting—I’m going to give. Look at the ocean, something goes out, something comes back in. The tide comes in and goes out—it doesn’t go one way. Same way with giving. You give and you’ll get back. Nothing is so attractive as someone who is positive and makes a contribution. I’m not talking about just money, but contributing your heart. Look forward to treating a person like a millionaire and they’ll start spending money like a millionaire. Treat people like they don’t have anything and you won’t get anything.

Quit thinking about yourself all of the time. If you are worried about people taking advantage of you, then you need to find more people to take advantage of you. Put yourself into the position to be a cause. Cause and effect. I’m going to give and I’m going to get something after a period of time. Focus on how you can be the cause and don’t worry about the effect.

If you want more money you have to invest more, give more, and spend more. If nobody spent money nobody would make any money. The less you are attached to money, the more money comes. Invest today in Cardone University. I’m asking you a small price for the value that I give—guaranteed. Buy today and thank me later.

Be great,