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Vlad Musatov & Grant Cardone Power Players

In this Show

Vlad Musatov, Owner and President of AT Management Group an International Business Management Company Based in St. Petersburg, Russia

Vlad Musatov and Grant Cardone share a passion for helping businesses grow and prosper. Vlad, a numbers guy believes statistics and measurement track progress and lends credibility to claims. As President and Owner of AT Management Group with offices in Latvia, Russia and Florida, Vlad knows the power in numbers when it comes to productivity and business growth. After coming across Grant Cardone on YouTube he made a plan to seek out Grant Cardone, create a partnership and translate his books to truly help people and organizations achieve growth. Vlad and his partner Igor Barbolin who in this interview, serves as a great translator, shares his interesting views about success, Russia’s business culture, the similarities between Russia and the USA, what’s real, and what the mainstream American media is missing.