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Let me ask you a few questions:
1. What do you do to earn a living?
2. Is it a scam?

The answers to both questions should be very easy. So, whether you answer the first question with “nurse, teacher, professional athlete, chef, financial professional, tutor, masseuse, caregiver, or lawyer” what you do should provide value to people, places, and/or things. The answer to the second question is a simple “yes or no”. However, most people answer the second question based on the traditional way of performing the duties of the answer to first question. Basically, what you do to earn a living is not a scam if you take the traditional route that society has decided as normal and; therefore, “scamless” to perform the functions of your job. If at any point your business finds a way to provide value in larger volumes, helping masses of people, places, and/or things across the globe in a non-traditional way, then society will question the integrity of the business and anyone affiliated with the business.

However, shouldn’t the answer to question two be whether your business’ practices are legal, moral, and ethical?

Merriam-Webster’s definition of a scam is: a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. For a business to be legal, it must have a legal organization. It must operate morally and have standards of ethics. There are many ways a business may be formed legally under state laws. No business can operate legally if it is not following the laws as set forth by their respective state and local governments. Armed with this information, why would one still call a legal business a scam? The answer lies in what society deems traditional.

Here are a few basics that all businesses (Traditional and Non-Traditional) must have:
1. Legal Entity (i.e. Corporation, LLC, Sole Proprietor)
2. Business Model
3. Market Demand
4. Credibility
5. Resources
6. Clients/Customers
7. Employees/Team
In addition to the above, Non-Traditional businesses have:
8. Freedom of their time
9. Room for growth at the individual’s discretion
10. Unlimited Income Potential

I am proud that I took the Non-Traditional route of doing business and I am an entrepreneur at WFG/Virtuity Financial Partners. My business meets all the criteria and legal requirements that allow me to answer the questions posed above as follows:

1. What do you do to earn a living?
I help clients make the right choices to achieve their financial independence and I mentor and empower others to build successful businesses in the financial services industry and make a difference in their lives and their families.

2. Is it a scam?

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