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Mompreneur: Goals and setting the example of reaching them

On my way to work today I was thinking about my goals. I don’t think we think about these things often enough.  We let our daily lives get in the way of what we really want. Work, traffic, chores, and many more things cloud our minds and overwhelm us.  

Realizing the importance of putting a plan together and writing down my goals has made a huge change in my life. Setting yearly goals, monthly goals and even daily goals has helped me stay on track even with the everyday craziness.  

Most would say that being a single mom of three would be enough of a distraction right?  I can honestly say that being in business for myself has definitely created a different mindset for me. Where most use their kids as an excuse, I use my kids as my reason.   My reason for putting goals down, for doing things that make me extremely uncomfortable but are helping me grow, for pushing myself even on days when all I want to do is crawl under a blanket.  I think to myself, what type of example am I for my kids, will I teach them to hide from life under a blanket too? No! I will be the example of someone that doesn’t quit, that falls and gets back up quickly, someone who knows their worth and believes that they deserve great things in life.   

Even my kids know to write down what they would like to achieve, to say their affirmations and to believe that they can do anything.  I’m teaching them to write down their goals, but not just that, also to write down a plan on how to obtain them. Kids are never too young to be taught these important life lessons. We need to create a path for them that will lead to success, and we do that by being the examples, not just by speaking but by actually doing the things that we tell them will help them to be great in life.

As a parent, I think a lot of what type of adults my kids will grow up to be. Will they become average adults, just working a day to day job; unfulfilled and unhappy? Or am I planting enough seeds in them to help them become strong adults, who thrive, who believe that they are meant for more? My wish is that they become adults who will want to also make a change and help others.  Our ultimate goal should be to create a family legacy, a family of entrepreneurs who do philanthropic work and want to not only create better lives for themselves, but also want to assist others to do the same.

I’m proud to be a part Virtuity, a company that believes that nobody should be mediocre and that pours belief into every single associate by reminding them that anyone can achieve greatness. We are taught to create business plans, given direction and coaching with phenomenal tools so that we can obtain the things we want through our business. How wonderful is that? It is a dream to work with people who value me as not just an employee, but as a partner whose contribution to the team and the business is paramount.

So I would say, find some time in your day today, and start writing some goals down, write down what you want to achieve, and as you are writing think about how it would feel to achieve these goals. Also, start making a plan on how to achieve your goals, and make it your mission to complete the tasks needed. Believe you deserve it, know that time dedicated to bettering yourself is never wasted; it’s invested. Make the decision today, what kind of an investment you want it to be?


For help with goal setting or if you are wondering how Virtuity is able to help so many people create an environment of winning, please reach out via the methods below.


Collaboration by Angie Ornelas and Gillian Giorgio


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