Virtuity – Why I left a Secure Job to Become an Entrepreneur

Why I left a “secure” job to become an Entrepreneur

USC Physician Assistant grad turns Business Entrepreneur


I was raised in the middle class. I grew up living in a modest home in a suburban area where there was not too much crime and we knew our neighbors.  As I write, it just seems so BORING!  Every middle and high schooler was encouraged to go to school and get good grades because that was their only ticket to college and a “better life” than our parents had. My mom was a single mom and she worked in the medical field, so that is where I always thought I would end up.  After years of good and bad grades, laziness and complaining, countless nights up studying, filling out applications and financial aid forms, I ended up at the University of Southern California, Physician Assistant Master’s Program.  It was an honor to be accepted at such a prestigious school!


It was a great deal of work and very rewarding, but halfway through my program, an attorney friend of mine introduced me to this incredible group of entrepreneurs. They were fun, driven and excited to change the spending & savings habits of Americans and they made amazing money doing it.  The media has done an incredible job at making Real Estate look incredibly glamorous, but as a part time agent with Virtuity/WFG, we had the ability to make more income with a much faster start and so many more prospects available.  I had been educated in this entrepreneurial world where I had so much fun with the incredible people, there was great income, freedom of time and choice of where and how they wanted to build their business.  It was a dream come true to finally find something I was passionate about, but not ideal timing as I was still working towards my USC Master’s.


Once I finally finished my degree, I had to practice, but I could only handle it for a few years. The medical field is a great field, but my vision had been stretched of the possibilities in my life and I did not want a boss micro-managing my time or limiting my ability to be with my family. When I really looked at how much I would make as a P.A., and how much money I had to pay monthly for loans, a mortgage, two cars, school for our kids, food, other bills; I realized I needed to make WAY more money than I was going to be making to live the life we wanted.  I agonized for years about it…and in hindsight, it really slowed my business progress because you won’t be able to “steal 2nd base with your foot still on 1st.”  


You never know where life will take you.  So many of us think we have our entire life planned out for us and then something happens to shift everything.  When I finally made the decision to leave medicine, it was difficult, but it made me a better business person, because as I helped my newer agents transition out of their respective fields, I understood their concerns and made the move smoother for them. My perspective is unique and it helps me to empathize with those unhappy and wanting to make a career change.  It is never too late to reinvent your life, but if you want a real change, the best time is always ‘right now.’


If you are thinking about making a career change or if you think part time money has to be small, reach out and I can show you how we created the life we wanted.


Written by Gillian Giorgio


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