Value Your Time Over Money

Money is power. You need money to live, eat, sleep…. You even need money to DIE. But your time is much more important. Dre Baldwin explains the how & why. Learn more about Dre at

Be Clear With Your Message – Chris Burfield

As a business owner you need to be extremely clear with your customers, clients, patients, etc. about what it is that you want from them. That would clear up the guidelines about what both of you should expect. If the message is not clear it will cause tension and confusion in your business. Propaganda Marketing […]

Bullfrog x Broadsoft – Ben Rife

There has been a change in business, and it is no longer conducted within 4 walls. We needed a solution for our customers that meets the changes and demand for mobile and remote workers. At Bullfrog, we have built a solution based on mobility with the help of Broadsoft. Ben Rife is the CEO and […]

Dedicate Your Life To Your Dreams – Donovin Darius

Donovin Darius shares his story of growing up in a poor household with money struggles. He encourages high school students to dedicate their lives to achieve their dreams. Donovin Darius is a Motivational Speaker, 10 yr NFL Player, and Peak Performance Success Coach. Every morning he will be your online Motivational Coach. Join him in […]

Get a Schedule from your Contractor – Steve Griggs

Today’s tidbit is about the importance of getting a schedule from your contractors if you’re painting a room, renovating a bathroom, anything. You want the contractor in addition to getting the scope of work in writing, what they’re going to do, and most important; when everything is going to happen. You want a schedule, when […]

Success In Sales – Robb Thompson

For over 30 years, Robb Thompson has spoken to over 1 million people on stage in over 45 countries. He grew up on the South side of the city of Chicago in a home that had abuse. By the time that he was 22 he crashed and ended up in a mental institute.  People told […]

Make The Right Investments – Jerry Fetta

Right now you are trading time for money, but you can break that cycle. Jerry Fetta, founder of Wealth X, talks about how to select the right investments. How to analyze investments, how to compare investments against your goals, and how to gain certainty with investments. Jerry Fetta Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, […]

High Intensity Interval Training – David Karli

High intensity interval training can be one of the most efficient and effective ways to improve your cardiovascular health, stimulate natural growth factor release, improve circulation and most importantly get out of the gym and back to your lives! Get in contact with David C. Karli through his website, LinkedIn and learn more about Greyledge […]

Channel Your Inner Strength – Donovin Darius

Donovin Darius motivates about the benefits of growing up in the hood. He believes that once you decide to dedicate your life to something greater than yourself, you can help yourself and those around you. You were made for this! Donovin Darius is a Motivational Speaker, 10 yr NFL Player, and Peak Performance Success Coach. […]

How to Fund Your Business – Russell Whitney

This week Russell Whitney interviews Erik Gantz on Expert Insider. Gantz is an expert at getting funding for your business. They will talk about Gantz’s story about how he became an entrepreneur.  Learn how to get more money to invest in marketing, inventory, and real estate.   Apply for business funding here: Use Code: […]

4 Tips to Set Daily Targets – Tim Clark

I realized that I had been setting targets incorrectly until a recent conversation with Jerry Fetta at WealthX. I haven’t even been using Grant Cardone’s 10X Planner correctly! 1. Identify the activities that have directly produced results in the past 12 months. 2. Calculate the quantity needed of each activity each day in order to […]

Multitasking Mayhem – Chris Burfield

Nothing will cause more mayhem in your life than trying to multitask everything in your priority list at the same time. At the beginning of each day you should write a checklist and focus on one task at a time until you check all of them off. By soing so, your top priorities will get […]

Don’t Invalidate Your People – Robert Syslo Jr

Don’t Invalidate Your People – Robert Syslo Jr When you are learning, expanding, and growing you can’t invalidate the people that helped you get where you wanted to go. You can’t get to a point where you feel like you are the best and start antagonizing people because you think you can. You have to […]

What is Holding You Back? – Tommy Davidson

What is the one thing that is holding you back from your greatness? I believe you get better in little bitty bits. But, you lose your progress in big chunks. Successful people do not listen to their emotions. Hi. I am Tommy Davidson, aka GoodTimeTommy #GTT, and I am a real estate and self improvement […]

Your Greatest Gift Is Your Attitude – Donovin Darius

Former 10 yr NFL Player and current International Speaker, Coach and Author Donovin Darius is a messenger of inspiration and hope to all people and all nations. From the board room, to the locker room, to the pulpit, Donovin’s messages inspires hope and belief in the listeners. They leave desiring to hear more while going […]

Experience Peace Everyday – Donovin Darius

Learn how to experience peace everyday of your life. Donovin Darius is a Motivational Speaker, 10 yr NFL Player, and Peak Performance Success Coach. Every morning he will be your online Motivational Coach. Join him in his journey to discover your purpose and maximize your potential. Pick up a copy of Donovin’s Motivational and Inspirational […]

Respect Yourself As A Boss

Want to be a boss, work for yourself, call your own shots? Here’s where it starts. Dre Baldwin explains. Dre Baldwin’s Website: Dre Baldwin Snapchat: Dre Baldwin Twitter: Dre Baldwin Instagram: Dre Baldwin FaceBook: Dre Baldwin Periscope: —– The Work On Your Game topics: Mental Toughness, Confidence, Discipline, Personal […]

3 Ways to Hit Your Target End of Year

How can you finish this year strong? Cram 3 months of production into 45 days. Urgency is key. You can dominate the holidays this year. When people pull back, the people that lean in and put in the extra work exponentially grab market share. Here are 3 ways to hit your 2017 targets: 1. Call […]

The Kingdom – Discovering Villa Toscana

Brian Vinsôn interviews John Svadbik about The Villa Toscana and all its beauty. It is a sumemr house with a bult in sunset room, a magical garden, tennis courts, fountains, and a few secret rooms.  Do you want to live and feel like a queen and king? Visit the magical Vila Toscana. Brian Vinsôn leads a […]

Tell Compelling Stories – Chris Burfield

When it comes to making online videos they must be engaging, entertaining, and compelling. Avoid telling prolonged stories that just go on and on. Make sure to keep your message short and to the point so that you don’t lose your audience’s attention. Propaganda Marketing Machine is a weekly show that helps you take control […]

3 Sins Of Sales Management – Ben Rife

The first sin of sales management is when the business owner is doing part-time sales management and part-time owner/CEO. This is incredibly inefficient since none of those jobs are part-time, they require full time. The second sin of sales management is taking your top producer and making him your sales manager. That is financial suicide. […]

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

There’s a ton of ways to make money online. The key is discovering the most effective & efficient one or two ways for YOU to succeed right now.  If you’re an expert at sales or someone who loves to constantly extend value into the marketplace, then these 5 ways to make money online can get […]

Where To Get Advice From – Jerry Fetta

Advice is an opinion, and everybody has one. Any advice that you get will be based on somebody else’s subjective opinion. It doesn’t mean that they are right or that the information is factual. Due to these reasons you should not take other people’s advice personally, it is just their objective opinion. Learn from where […]

Make Money Wholesaling Real Estate Chris Rood

I can teach a monkey how to Wholesale Real Estate it ain’t rocket science. What’s tough in this business is the skills that you need! You need skills! Skills Get The Deals! You need to know how to communicate with people, how to negotiate, you need Rapport building skills…. know how to connect with people! […]

Find Your Peace Of Mind – Donovin Darius

God is for you, not against you.  When you first wake up, focus your mind on things that encourage you and make you want to get out of bed. Everything happens for a reason and with a purpose. Donovin Darius is a Motivational Speaker, 10 yr NFL Player, and Peak Performance Success Coach. Every morning […]

Real Estate Wholesaling Chris Rood

Wholesaling Real Estate makes you become the SOURCE OF THE DEAL! Meaning you are the starting point of where a deal starts so you capture the most equity and value. It also trains your mind on how to see, recognize, and pinpoint what a good deal looks like. Wholesaling helps you get the best deals! […]

Earn Millions Online – Russell Whitney

Thanks to Russell Whitney and his team, Matt Lloyd hit 1 million dollars from online marketing! Lloyd, founder of MOB, needed assistance to scale and grow his business during live events, where Russell eventually became a presenter himself. It was a great honor for Russell yo work with such a amazing company and help people all […]

Expand Your Business – Tim Clark

Tim Clark’s business, Nikos Engineering, is undergoing some changes and expanding. Clark is using the last quarter of this year to triple the size of his team and client base. There are three reasons why he chose to make this expansion. Many small business owners may face the same challenges, watch the video to find […]

The Power of Words – Donovin Darius

The power of your life is found in what you say. Words are not just words, they have so much power. What you say is a reflection of what you think and how you see the world. Use the power of words to create what you need. Donovin Darius is a Motivational Speaker, 10 yr […]

Steve Griggs Design | Building a Basketball Court

Steve Griggs is smoking a cigar to celebrate a beautiful day building a stunning basketball court for one of his bigger projects at Steve Griggs Design.   What would it feel like if the first reaction when people see your house was WOW! A professional landscape can deliver that and more overtime and the man […]

Become a High School Dropout – Chris Burfield

Why should you become a high school drop out? According to Burfield, if he could turn back time and re-do his life, he would have dropped out of high school after 8th grade because he considers that nothing of what he learned in school from that point forward has helped him succeed as he does […]

Thinking Small is Selfish – Tim Clark

Nikos Computer Engineering is expanding! “Thinking small is selfish.” Grant Cardone taught me that. While reading Donald Trumps book, The Art of the Deal, I was impressed by the level of activity this man produced, and with the magnitude of his “think”. Why is Nikos expanding? * To Serve more clients * To Give more […]

What is The Kingdom? – Brian Vinsôn

What is The Kingdom? Learn what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. Brian Vinsôn accompanies Robert Syslo today on Ask The Pro on the GCTV Network. Vinsôn will be talking about his expertise on commercial real estate. Watch to understand how to acquire properties and invest your money right. Brian Vinsôn leads a multibillion dollar […]

Demand Your Own Happiness – Tommy Davidson

Are you demanding your own happiness? Sometimes there are things that you really want in the moment that you think will make you happy. Are you settling for things that will make you happy. Hi. I am Tommy Davidson, aka GoodTimeTommy #GTT, and I am a real estate and self improvement entrepreneur in Murfreesboro, TN. […]

Skyline Security Opens New Office in Utah

“ Skyline has arrived in Utah! October Marked the grand opening of Skyline’s first office in Utah.  The “Silicone Slopes” near Salt Lake City are a well known hub for tech companies and startups and Skyline is the latest company to open up shop in this trendy neighborhood.  We wanted to make sure our Reps […]

What to Know in Aircraft Sales

Robert DeLaurentis is the Zen Pilot and author of the book Flight of Passion which is #1 on Amazon in the Airport category. Robert will be taking off on a circumnavigation of the globe, south pole to north pole. Robert is an international spokesperson for flight and aviators. He’s here with Tom Alston of Aero […]

Overcome Your Obstacles – Donovin Darius

Your circumstances and the things that you are going through are part all part of your masterplan in life. There is not one day where you won’t go through something that you have to overcome. Learn how to see your adversities and circumstances as positive. Donovin Darius is a Motivational Speaker, 10 yr NFL Player, […]

How to Grow Your Business – Ben Rife

How do you grow a business??? …multiply time. 10❌ Ben Rife is the CEO and founder of the best telecomm company in the world if you are looking for great advantages of securing your team and investing in the future of your business’ communication Ben Rife is the man to talk to. Get a FREE […]

Get Rid Of Negative Thinking – Donovin Darius

Change your thinking so that you can change your life. How many of you feel that despite your best efforts, you find yourself in unfortunate circumstances? Don’t fill your heads with negative, depressing, and discouraging thoughts. Donovin Darius is a Motivational Speaker, 10 yr NFL Player, and Peak Performance Success Coach. Every morning he will […]