arrod Glandt and Grant Cardone on Young Hustlers: Can make a call that gets people to take interest in you? Are you not ready to get on the phone, do you avoid it like the plague? Here are 4 things every salesperson needs:

1.Confront the beast— If you are afraid of calling people, you’ll never get over it until you actually start calling people. Ignoring it will never make it go away, you must confront your fear.

2.Set the intention— Make sure to set your intention right at the beginning of your pitch. You have to set that hook immediately and let the customer know where both of you stand. You have to make it past that first 15 seconds

3.Be concise— There’s no time to chit chat, get to the point. I don’t want anyone asking me about the weather, it’s a waste of my time. If you’re not concise you will be irritating.

4.Call to action— Do you have a call to action, are you working off a script? Success rewards preparation.

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