There are 80 million Millennials out there and no, not all are lazy and entitled. There are plenty who want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to the 9 to 5 grind and are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal.
Grant Cardone and his millennial protégé, Jarrod Glandt target the under 35 crowd with the tips and insights they need to succeed in any economic climate. Between the loose laid back banter and the frequent references to Jay Z, Kanye, Led Zeppelin music and other pop culture millennial viewers consider Grant their “millennial mentor” and can’t get enough of Grant and Jarrod’s straight up no BS advice.

Find a way to shorten the on-ramp to your dreams.

Today we’re talking about why you suck at your job. Most people think, “I’m okay at my job,” but the reality is you suck at your job and likely fall into one of these categories.

Groups of Workers That Suck at Their Job:
1. You Suck: You’re underperforming, missing your targets; constantly making excuses, constantly changing jobs
2. Average Zone: People who are in the middle, average levels of activity
3. Top Producer: Constantly operating at less than your potential, but higher than those around you, so you get comfortable

The One Group That Doesn’t Suck:
4. The Unicorns: You have an insatiable appetite for success. You understand your potential and you are in an all out sprint, all the time.

Steve Jobs, Bob Duggan, Grant Cardone… they are unicorns. When these people tell others their dreams, those who hear them think they are crazy. That’s what you want.

Jarrod realizes he is in the “Suck” category because he knows he has a higher potential than what he works to every day. He knows he wants to be on like a light bulb, pushing all the time, and learning everything he can from Grant Cardone.

How do you go from $0.80/share to $80/share?

Bob Duggan says, “You have to work backwards from where you want to be. You have to break everything down into little chunks. And then focus attention and intention into a little chunk.”

When someone asks you what your goals are, you must not hesitate with your answer.

Tips to Not Suck:
1. Understand that everyone sucks, except the unicorns
2. Write down your dream income and act like you earn it today
3. Work like you have your dream job
4. You have to sit down and have that uncomfortable conversation with yourself

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  • JoelDarcheville

    Great point @Jarrod, when your attention gets spread thin performance on objectives are at risk. Anyone who delegates should have this in mind.

  • AlanThe10XKing

    Great episode Jarrod. Love the unicorn thing – I’m working hard everyday to make sure that I get the results that all true unicorns deserve!

  • JasonRaths

    I suck LOL, got to get more focused on potential, and work to become a unicorn!!!

  • ChrisLancaster

    LOL this was a great episode Jarrod .. I suck because I don’t make enough contacts .. Grant put out a 900 deal per year number. 

    Im in real estate in Hawaii and my average sale is $775000. If I figured out my conversion per call I know I wouldn’t put it down. 

    Thanks Jarrod ! Keep Hustlin’ Brother!!

  • Brad Bischoff


    It has been a while since I have tuned in or watch a eposide.  Great job! 

    Wow this was a wake up call.  I suck at not giving it my all with my running, training and dominating my market place up her in NJ with CRE commercial insurance and risk management.  

    75,000 phone calls a year/365 =205 calls a day.  That is extreme.  I know I have more fuel in the tank and the desire to  make success my duty and obligation to my family and to my firm.