In this timely episode of Power Players, Jarrod discusses what the biggest mistake is that all people make each and every day:  Wasting Time.

There is no doubt that old famous cliché is completely true:  Time IS Money.  So why do we waste it?

In order to make your days productive and successful, it’s essential to get to where you are going in the shortest time possible and make the most of every minute.

In order to save time and ultimately money, follow these tips:

  1. Take finances seriously –even at a young age
  2. Learn how to produce income
  3. Focus your energy and effort on things that move you forward.

Jarrod offers insight into his personal world and how he advanced his career by utilizing his time properly.   He also talks to viewers about mistakes they make with their time.

We want to hear from you!  How do you successfully manage your time?

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  • Felicidades Jarrod!! One crucial mistake I have made was listening to people who I respected and they knew it all. After working with multiple teams and cultures, realized how limited I had been. Getting out, I had to be more open minded, doing research on my own and  always looking to find away to be ahead. 
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  • Thanks for the show!  The biggest mistake I ever made was thinking I didnt need to continue training/learning.  I felt I had accomplished enough and my bank account showed as such.  

    Always Be Learning was the lesson learned.  Now I am constantly developing my earning ability and making sure to schedule time toward building my skills.

    I’ve dedicated myself to being a life long learner and a consistent action taker. #Younghustlers

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  • Jarrod can you use me for a show “old Hustlas” ? lol I’m 51 and just starting my Entrepreneur journey.  Where’s G_?

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    Great subject Jarrod, thanks for another cool show. Good to see G letting you run free with this sometims now. It WAS your idea though right? 🙂 My biggest mistake has been trying to simultaneously work on too many ideas. Once I went with one business idea, and 10X’d it I got to £30,000 a month. Single minded focus. Tim

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    I’m a follower from Sweden (26 year old engineer), love the show so congrats on a really great show, entertaining, motivating and full of great info. The time difference makes it hard for me to call in and ask you so I’ll give it a try here. 

    I’m currently in conversations to for a spot as a manager with a lot of sales involved (which is what I want and what I’m passionate about) but this is not a job ad so there isn’t really a vacancy. So the hard part for me is to get the hiring manager to sign a contract with me.

     I know they love me (talked to two managers who both told me that I would fit great in the company and in the position and referred me to this manager, i guess he has a need for one?) but how do I get him to “close” and sign me. Gonna meet him on tuesday next week and have no ide how to close !

    Can you help a fellow hustler?

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