It is estimated that 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. Furthermore, it takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. In this episode, Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt discuss the reality and frustration of missing sales.

Selling is not easy, and it takes the right training and experience to perfect this skill-set. Shockingly, Grant Cardone makes a statement about the many who miss sales that surprises even his staff: “It’s not your fault.” Yes, he said it because he understands that most people don’t have the proper tools to sell and he admits that at one point in his life he didn’t know how to sell.

Grant and Jarrod discuss these three reasons why you are missing sales:
1. Outdated process
2. Not properly motivated
3. Lack of proper follow-up

Grant is always reworking his sales processes and updating and adding new content to his #1 online sales platform—Cardone University.

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    Jared and Grant!  #OldHustler

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    Great topic, guys! #10XtheLearning, #10XtheCloses

  • ZachIngram

    Just got the 10x Rule and If you’re not first you’re last MP3, and just finished Sell or be Sold.  Lovin it guys.

  • joshbeaden

    i’m loving cold calling since i watched your “millions on the phone”  I follow up by email and text all the time, my biggest challenge is objections

  • MauricioRomero

    Can you guys talk a little more about face-to-face selling?

  • JTAO

    Any tips on door to door sales pitch?

  • KoSworld

    JTAO- Go pickup the mp3 book ‘Sold or Be Sold’.  Freaking loaded with the information you need. Best $10 dalla investment you will ever make.

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    KoSworld Thanks, already have in in my car playing everyday before I hit territory 🙂

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    It’s about 7k today.

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    I paid $4,00 for the Cardone University and I am 100% Happy paying 4 times more than anyone doing the holiday special. The Like the V8 commercials, people who do not take advantage of the University deserve a slap on the noggin! I am half way temped to buy it AGAIN for $995 for my sister. DO IT

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    Trying to call in and tell how my painter is 10Xing his business and keeping his pipeline FULL!!

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    Cardone U is the best $1,000 I’ve ever spent. Get it… [email protected]

  • Are the phones lines full? Because most of these callers horrible! You guys have so much to offer if people would ask the right questions.

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    joshbeaden  closers survival guide & secrets to closing the sale webinar

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    I meant the 3000 you borrowed from your mom.  It’s about 7k today.

  • ChrisLancaster

    Jarrods intro .. LMAO ..that guy is irreplaceable