Every Thursday Grant Cardone and his protege Jarrod Glandt take on Millennials. They have been labeled as lazy, unmotivated, and entitled. We know they are not. Plenty of them want true freedom—financial freedom—and prefer entrepreneurship to the 9-to-5 grind. They are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal.

Are you constantly trapped by the mentality, “money, money, money, success, success, success,” and then everything else around you starts eroding?

Once you start setting big goals you can get blindsided by the average mentality. It’s easy to get overly mechanical and lose site of the goal.

Lies of Society
1. Don’t stand out
2. Be seen and not heard
3. Don’t make me ask you again
4. You are not special
5. Seek balance in your life
6. It’s the journey, not the destination
7. Big expectations lead to big disappointments
8. Set reasonable goals
9. Successful people are unhappy
10. Be grateful you have more than most

Why is it important to stand out?

How to Create Your Super Life
1. Professional Career
2. Family Life
3. Income
4. Financial Wealth
5. Physical Life
6. Spiritual Life
7. Recreational Life

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Watch or listen to the full show for all of the insights Jarrod shares from last night’s webcast.

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  • Jarrod G dropping gems…the hustle has a price and it MUST be paid #GCTV #YoungHustlers

  • Salestopia

    I do 66% of my business in the gym and church – Fit Beliefs

  • Vaibhav10X

    Hey Jarrod, if you had to start up all over. What would be something you would do differently?

  • Salestopia

    Aight, just came up — be easy J — Th10x

  • Vaibhav10X

    At what age did you start your road to financial freedom? Thanks from uk

  • Good questions from the callers and great feedback.  Awesome value Jarrod  #10xEverything #YoungHustlers

  • I’m surrounded by hustlers and loving it #GCTV #YoungHustlers

  • 808Lancaster

    Extrovert ! Get out into the community. Connect with the world.. Thanks Jarrod and Grant ! Life changing again !!

  • robbglow

    Skilled it today Jarrod! I’m at a my first job in car sales waiting for paperwork to go through to fix an unpaid ticket for a suspended license before I can start selling. Biking 14 to 28 miles a day to make it happen. Listening to the Closers Survival Guide on repeat. So ready to blow up!

  • TroyBennett_UFC

    Jarrod riding solo again. Way to kill it!

    I just turned 30 and it’s awesome to see someone just a couple years or so older than me be this successful. I always considered you my Big Brotha in Bidness, alongside Uncle G.

    10X Family Right here

  • BenGheliuc

    you know what Jarrod, I wasn’t going to but it, but your white sheet of paper example made me buy it!

  • Joniheat

    Hi guys I’m trying to use the promo code but it’d not working?
    Any help?