Don’t go to work to work—go to work to prosper. Control with money is a good thing. You must be a control freak. Control equals income. The more control you have, the more confident you’ll be.

The first thing to be concerned about when it comes to money is commitment. Most people don’t have enough money to begin with to even be concerned about saving it. If you don’t discipline yourself the marketplace will spank you.

Time is money and production is senior to saving. If you only have $1,000 it will only get smaller. You have to go and get more income. The shift in thought to focus on income exclusively is a game changer. How can you control your money?

1. You must commit to it.

2. Get more productive, because production equals new money.

3. Get obsessed with improving your skills.

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  • JarrodGlandt

    Welcome to the show this week!!!

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    Good Morning guys!  Thanks for the show   #obsessed

  • Commitment and Discipline!!
    Welcome back Jarrod!

  • Question: Will BOBA be in Audio CD/MP3?

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    Keith Dixon yes!

  • JarrodGlandt Keith Dixon I can’t wait for it

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    Whats up Young Hustlers

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    ” I can’t help the poor if I am one of them, so I got rich and gave back to me thats a win-win ” – Jay-Z

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    Hey I wanna be on the show!! I wanna talk to JarrodGlandt GrantCardone

  • MrGee700

    In an effort to control money. When is it time to put that money towards debt? Example:if i have 10k in debt an put together 15k, is it time to get rid of that 10k?

  • MortgageMarty

    Grant…Thanks for allowing me to invest in myself!!!

  • Fix the mic levels on this broadcast. Its not equal.

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    Be sure to tune in at 1pm EST!! Grant is streaming for those who bought the booK!!

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    Always quality material! I got rid of netflix to focus on quaility information like this!

  • PhilippePassavanti

    It’s never too late to hustle ! I’m 41 and I want to create financial abundance because I’m sick to fight to pay bills and not be able to help my family and others. I’m becoming so obsessed by that I’ll do whatever it takes to reach my goals.
    Thank you for the awesome content to help people grow financially and personally. Thanks SO MUCH !!!!!

  • You said that you watch your store to find out what to sell. Why isn’t your new book on there? I was looking last night and Be Obsessed or Be Average wasn’t on there. Come on Man! lets get it.

  • Mbarry727

    beeznutzstl Mbarry727 JarrodGlandt The link Grant sent out in his email, if you bought his new book and emailed him receipt

  • hinc1mike

    Hey gents now here’s the thing I don’t know why you guys don’t ever address it, that money DOES NOT GIVE YOU HAPPYNESS. I dated a rich wealthy sexy ass girl in a gated community Range Rover sexy as hell has everything she wants in life yet tells me how empty lonely and how shitty it is at the top. What a story. Until we first clean out our souls and find our purpose in life we’ll always be chasing money chasing a dream that never happens and we’ll be miserable the whole time missing out on special moments in life we ran from cuz we rather go make money that won’t make us happy