On this edition of Young Hustlers Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt come to you from Las Vegas talking about customer service. How do you increase customer satisfaction and customers?

The problem with Las Vegas is that they don’t do customer service right. They don’t treat Grant like he is a whale, even though he could be. They treat people like whatever player they are in the moment. Grant underplays and makes small bets even though he can make big bets. The casinos treat him as he plays, not to what he can potentially play.

How are you treating your customer? Leave everyone today with an experience they’ll tell someone about. Whether your product is $2, $20, or $2 million you need to wow them. The big takeaway is that the biggest companies don’t satisfy customers first, they acquire them!

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    I’m Loving this so far!   Vegas is fun.  Roll them Dice!

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