Today on Young Hustlers Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt talk about why you aren’t closing deals. You must know how to handle objections. In sales you are looking for 1 objection—that’s it. You need to have fun because the customer is already too serious. You need to feel good about yourself, and you have to go into a deal having the confidence you will close. If you don’t have the confidence, it’s because you don’t have the skills.

Be in sales to win it.

For every objection you hear, you need to listen and acknowledge it. Take full responsibility for it, and then isolate it: “Other than you not being interested, is there any other reason that would keep you from giving me a couple minutes of your time?”

This Saturday the 17th Grant will be going over in detail specific objections on his live seminar.

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  • JarrodGlandt

    Lets do this!

  • Hey I just purchased Mastering Objections, when will I get the ebook?

  • JarrodGlandt

    DanielAndres should be in your inbox – check your junk. You can also email [email protected]

  • JarrodGlandt

    What objections do you have??? We will handle them!

  • esweg

    can you go over the hard questions to lead to the close. So many of those are brilliant

  • “We will call you when we’re ready.”

  • beeznutzstl

    JarrodGlandt Whats up Jarrod!

  • IanBeaton

    I sell real-time GPS fleet tracking- after i get through the demo with a company and go for the close and the objection i get all the time is “honestly looks good but we arent ready for this type of technology right now, maybe in a few years but not right now”

    thanks guys!

  • beeznutzstl

    Is mastering Objections a one time payment of 49.99

  • JarrodGlandt

    beeznutzstl yes!

  • beeznutzstl

    Here is a objection we often hear at Tradeshows. 

    I do everything in my power to stop them, and put something to paper. A lot of people say okay.
    I realize when they say that its like a kidnapped kid, if they leave, the chances are high they are not coming back, even if they attend to. 
    What can we do to overcome this better? GrantCardone JarrodGlandt

  • esweg

    I can’t really find on cardone U and I guess its experience over time but how do you transition from the presentation to asking the hard questions? When do you do it and where in the process do you ask?

    Can’t wait for Saturday

  • Mitch and Miconal

  • kshawYALL

    beeznutzstl — Check out the link!

  • imajadams

    I’m a motivational speaker. Event planners always shop. How do I dominate the competition and close the deal! – AJ Adams

  • imajadams

    Objection: “Our committee meets in X months and will decide then.”

  • nLaMeres

    One of the articles you guys printed, “The Five Biggest Scams of Your Life” 4 of the 5 are me…Damn, I was enjoying your content and adding it to my life, but now that was an eye opener and I’m chugging the Kool-Aid now.  Looking forward to Saturday, thanks for the hard work you guys love the content!

  • I am having a problem with deals that I think are closed buy payments never come through what do I do?

  • esweg

    i have to look at other proposals before i can make any decision

  • Will you be live on Saturday or will it be a recording??????

  • thanks.. – Online Tech Support (609) 203-2552

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    ChipDisk Live!

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    nLaMeres Love that!

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    imajadams Will handle on Saturday!!

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    esweg Will cover on Saturday!! Brand New Content that is NOT in Cardone University

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    beeznutzstl GrantCardone JarrodGlandt will handle this on Saturday!

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    IanBeaton good one! Tune in Saturday to hear how Grant would handle