Every Thursday Grant Cardone and his protege Jarrod Glandt take on Millennials. They have been labeled as lazy, unmotivated, and entitled. We know they are not. Plenty of them want true freedom—financial freedom—and prefer entrepreneurship to the 9-to-5 grind. They are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal.

Grant Cardone is the real deal.

Are you the boss?

Steps to Becoming the Boss:
1. List of where you are the boss already
2. Start acting like the boss
3. Make investments

You gotta sign the check to be the boss. You gotta put your money at risk, hire people, babysit them, hire people to babysit them and be their boss. Otherwise, you ain’t the boss.

• Make the decision
• Follow through
• Handle conflict
• Be unpopular

To take the boss test:
1. Investments this month
2. Books read
3. Who have you helped?
4. Confronted

Watch the full episode and listen to the podcast to hear all of their advice.

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    Bosses should definitely be there to manage, but how well should they know the craft?  I’ve heard conflicting arguments on this one.  Some say the bosses should just manage, and have a base knowledge of what’s going on.  Others say the Boss should know the craft as well as the people they manage.

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    People need to KNOW the definition of CONFRONTATION!
    Full Definition of CONFRONTATION :  the act of http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/confronting :  the state of being http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/confronted: as a :  a face-to-face meeting b :  the clashing of forces or ideas :  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/conflict c :  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/comparison <the flashbacks bring into meaningful confrontation present and past, near and far — R. J. Clements>
    a situation in which people, groups, etc., fight, oppose, or challenge each other in an angry way

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    NathalieStyles  you Know It. watch Larry Winget. people who say they are dissatisfied are Lying. Because if they really hated it, it would be Different.

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    Here’s some help on where you are the boss already, where you’re in charge, where you’re accountable:
    Your thoughts.
    Your time.
    Your skills.
    Your decisions.

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    do you have any advice for people in the music industry? to increase record sales and booking more shows??

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    Answering JarrodGlandt question, if you’re a millenial employee and you’re not even inspired to show up and work, this might also help: who could you reach out and help today? how can you be of assistance to someone else through your work? #JustMy2Cents

  • Arise2Thrive NathalieStyles amen to that, and the key is to stay far away from those people, they create lag in your flow! Steer clear

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    Nobody gets a check for being “Most Liked”. That is not on the list of deciding who gets a raise/promotion. It’s who gets the most done, who brings in the most business.

  • Train yoself

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    NathalieStyles everyone has the right to terminate toxic relationships. you are the CEO of your life. Fire the Bitches!

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    Take command and make decisions!!  This does not mean being an antagonistic tyrant and destroying your employees.

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    be honest writin your list. hold yourself accountable. share it with a friend who will hold you accountable.

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