No sex in a year?? If a good friend calls you to express a very intimate problem in their relationship, what do you say? Elena Cardone and Katrina Campins layout why sex is important for women in a relationship, and the little things women can do to get their man on top of their sex game and much more.

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  • Coffee Black

    It’s always good to get a women’s perspective on things and the title of this segment intrigued me. I have been in this state like the male who was not having sex with his wife. I wasn’t that bad I didn’t go for a year, but there was a time I just didn’t want to because of stress of work, family, bills, etc. But as husband/boyfriend you have to shut that off when you are at home because your wife/girlfriend before all the money, work, kids it was just you and her and all women want to be loved and cared for. They want that affection. I have never met one that didn’t and as guys we need give that to women. Sex is very important in a relationship. Women want to be desired and loved and when a women wants a man and engage in sex. You should give that same love, lust, passion, etc to our partner. This is a great topic ladies because I am in my 30’s and I hear about this happening quite a bit. And when I hear why I think it’s ridiculous. Should our relationship and love for one another be like it was when you first met? No it shouldn’t. It should be more and more love for one another. 10X your love. The number one thing in relationship is communication then I think it is sex. Communicate your problems. You should not let a year pass without having sex. That is insane. It sounds fishy why it is that long. Don’t you want your wife or husband to think of you as the best lover she/he has ever had? Or do you want each other thinking about someone else? Step your game up not just in work. Step your love life game up. Get in shape. Also don’t eat foods that make you lazy and without energy. That too hurts you at nighttime with your lady. Great episode ladies. I shared this with my wife and completely agreed. Great job ladies!

  • JasonEHarrison

    Great show! I agree with all your comments and thoughts! Wow..crazy on me but you girls have something here. Sex is a very important part of a relationship (romantic one). Some call it making love. I believe the best kind of sex comes from the all day build up derived from flirting with one another through physical touches, the look, the gestures and even through text. Also don’t forget to set a date night at least once a month. NOTE…don’t go on the date for sex go for companionship and the night will certainly bring up some good vibes for the next day!