No sex in a year?? If a good friend calls you to express a very intimate problem in their relationship, what do you say? Elena Cardone and Katrina Campins layout why sex is important for women in a relationship, and the little things women can do to get their man on top of their sex game and much more.

  • Mart Ramirez

    Love how you guys don’t hold out on your topics  
    I totally agree with you both. I feel God designed a special bond between a man and a woman and this allows a couple to stay connected. 
    I really hope your friend’s hubby comes around. 🙁 May she receive the unity she deserves. 
    Love how both of you are sharing your thoughts from the heart. This is what sets your show apart from the others. 
    I have to say my first thought was the same as Elena’s regarding the possible cheating. Only because I had a client who was going through something similar and my husband felt he was cheating on her. Granted, her situation was a lot different than your friend’s. Fingers crossed your friend’s hubby opens up and they all work it out soon. She’s fortunate to have a good friend to talk to about this (and a whole show dedicated to her lol).

  • Sex is critical to a marriage. Sex is a basic physiological need that must be met. Sex and intimacy is very important. This lady is lost and she is talking to the wrong people. She needs to be talking to her husband. She is the one who must gut up and discuss the issue with her husband because she obviously so hungry for sex that one day she might deviate from her husband.

  • Business Tamika

    I would like to hear from caller’s. Maybe you can have people call in to get more feedback on your topic.

  • Dhyana

    Hi!! I have been trying to watch the videos, but it takes 4ever to load, and I really want to see all the videos. Could you please tell me what to do, so I can catch up with you girls! 😀