Elena Cardone interviews author, Rochel Albert, about her book “The Vitamin D Hoax And Other Medical Scams.” Plus a deep look into the vaccine concerns highly promoted on today’s mainstream media.

For a copy of Rochel Albert’s book, The Vitamin D Hoax And Other Medical Scams, email your book request to rochelalbert@gmail.com

Download your free copy of Quest to Telos Buried Secret by Rachel Albert.

  • I happened to like Whole Foods ElenaCardone 

  • mostly humble 1

    You ladies are incredible.. Your children are blessed to have you as a mother and Grant is lucky to have you as a wife. Much like the cholesterol drugs block coQ10 pathways, now I learn the effects of gmo on Vitamin D.

  • VirginiaPereiraSoref

    love the show! super in formative! Sadly, Whole Foods became a regular grocery store but overpriced. Kroger has more organics now than Whole Foods. Anyway, thanks for the info! And one thing that I would love to see with all the shows, is I don’t like that you can’t skip ahead without all the commercials. I LOVE YOU