Vice Chairman of Rick Case Automotive Group, Rita Case stops by the Women In Power studio and shares her amazing story on how she became a powerhouse. Rita gives her perspective on the differences between men and women in business negotiations, plus she tells the story behind her impressive hat collection.

  • tash2182

    elenacardone Thank you for doing this interview. As a woman primarily in the automotive industry, it was interesting to hear her story. She is a really pretty lady as well. LOVED this!

  • Renee

    Great interview, loved Rita’s story & her idea of the hats.

  • ShannaBechtel

    I’m a younger woman that has worked in automotive service almost 5 years and have been doing sales the past few months, and returning to service. I love the automotive business and I hate negotiations so service is a perfect place for me. I’ve seen several nearby dealers that have female service advisors and see them as an asset to the company. I feel that I make all customer comfortable and see it as an advantage as a service advisor. Girls rock the automotive!

  • stephanie_spray

    ShannaBechtel Hi Shanna, I agree!  Keep crushing it girl!!