Elena Cardone, Chief Family Officer and wife of Grant Cardone, teams up with Katrina Campins, TV personality, real estate expert and most famously known as finalist of season one of The Apprentice. This 30 minute web series will showcase women CEO’s, authors, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, ladies who are making powerful moves in their relationships and in life. Learn from accomplished women who successfully manage business, family as they strive for personal fulfillment.

  • Why is it when a man is ambitious and perusing  his dreams he got it going on. But when a woman does the same thing, there is something wrong with her?  really????? It is time for women to have a shift and change in our attitude towards each other.  Most of the time the criticism is coming from women go figure

  • Awesome Show keep them coming!

  • elenacardone

    DivaTgirl Thank you…will do!

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    I LOVE MICHELLE STAFFORD!!! I stopped watching the Young and the Restless when she left the show.