If you think beauty pageants are just about how you look and strutting your stuff on-stage, you are mistaken. Especially when it comes to former Miss Rhode Island, Julianna Strout, who discusses with Elena how she leveraged pageants to pay for education and launch her platform Finding the Pulse to Recovery, which helps victims of violence. Inspired by a friend who was attacked on campus, Julianna was determined to support the many victims across the country by providing information and resources.
Julianna was also a model on “The Price is Right” and tells us how she successfully won over the judges in her audition. However, when Julianna decided to launch her political career in Boston on the same day as the April 15th Boston Marathon Bombings, Julianna faced a life-threatening situation which shook her world (literally)and left her injured. Listen to hear about her first-hand account about this tragic day and her advice to help young women to succeed.

  • MarlaMMatthews

    Wonderful content! Enjoyed this show. Thank you!

  • Orion Brutoco

    Julianna Strout! There you are. I found you, I just had to dig a little. #WhateverItTakes you know?! Anyway, now that I can match the name with your face I know more about you. And you know about me. Thank you for being visible to some degree. So, I want to say that I now understand the deeper complexities to what we spoke about this afternoon. Just google me and the first thing you will see is me advocating for the rights of children (the cause closest to my heart). It’s the first thing I see but I look at that article all the time. It’s press coverage Mercury News.