In today’s modern world, Elena and Katrina are looking at the subject of feminism. Is it still needed in this modern society where women have equal rights as men in this country. Is the feminist movement in today’s society hurting the family and relationships with men? This episode of Women In Power discusses the subject and explores the “feminine” aspects of womanhood.

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    Two video’s I think that relate to this topic I’d like to post but it won’t let me, but this is a topic I have heavily studied and formed an opinion on so this show was great!

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  • Feminism is not about being a woman – it is about protecting the rights of all women. I don’t see feminism as an opposition to being a woman. One must consider why the movement started in the first place. Women still are lagging behind men in terms of pay,  …. some of the initial issues why the movement started in the first place still remain. My femininity is not based in feminism but I still want to see the feminist movement still active.

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    This is a great discussion. Elena– thank you for taking the time to define “feminism” because there’s a good chance people are operating on different meanings or interpretations of this term. I really believe that women need more advocacy in the world at large. Read “Half The Sky.” Personally in my marriage, I am trying to simply be ME, and I don’t even know how that translates to the roles of women at large. I try to validate my husband in how he naturally wants to be himself, and if I need more or less of something, I ask. Great show, Ladies!! Keep it up! 🙂