On today’s episode, Elena talks to hair and beauty expert Bissan Amin who discusses how she overcame cultural obstacles to become an independent successful entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Lebanon, Bissan was taught about her limited role as a woman and eventually realized that she was not comfortable having her life choices decided for her—including who she would marry. After a short arranged marriage, Bissan picked up and started her life over again.

Her drive to succeed has made her story a truly remarkable and inspirational story to women around the world. Tune in to hear how Bissan made it against all the odds and what role her family plays in her life today.

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  • Bissan Amin

    I am so honored and blessed to have you guys in my life U0001f64fU0001f3fbU0001f64fU0001f3fb thank you so much for this amazing recognition U0001f64fU0001f3fbU0001f64fU0001f3fbU0001f64fU0001f3fb

  • darladesautel

    Hello, fascinating video! I have a serious question for Mrs. Cardone… background… not sure how most people feel about fake hair or fake fingernails or fake body parts, I sometimes think it lessens the woman’s power to be artificial in those ways… it might be my generation. What is your point of view? I really would like someone with your experience and expertise to comment… thank you… Darla