• jake g

    She is an expert in franchising, then why don’t we hear about any of her business expertise?

  • ChereeW

    Evva has a great sense of what it takes for more women to be successful. We should absolutely use our femininity which is our power. Great interview @elenacardone

  • DivaGoddess

    Huh? Ladies, c’mon! Make less than your dude so he doesn’t feel threatend? No one can make you happy. A fantastic rship isn’t based on submission or emasculation – it’s about respect for the human being you are, support and love. These archaic beliefs about gender roles are unsettling. I don’t want a guy to take care of me, i want him to be kind, loving and engaged – and vulnerable.  And I want to be those things with him. Sigh.

  • I was so excited to watch this interview, but then became a bit appalled when Evva Fenison started sharing Alison Armstrong’s work almost word-for-word, without giving her credit. Everything she said about hunters/gatherers, diffused/focused awarness, protect/provide/make you happy, having two males competing at home – that is all word-for-word verbatim from Alison Armstrong’s workshop and book Understanding Men/Satisfying Women. I’m all for sharing one’s interpretations of coaches, books, workshops, personal development that they have partaken in, but give credit! And perhaps come up with your own languaging for what you’ve learned. ESPECIALLY as a woman sharing another woman’s work – we need to give due respect and acknowledgement! I felt she had plenty of opportunities prompted by Elena to share where she had learned this technology. Also, I’m guessing this was a misstatement on Evva’s part, so “Women are not equal” should have been edited out.

  • MonaSala

    I so loved this and related to it so much. I am glad I found your program Elena – I had no idea! When you talked about how the corporate workplace that was what happened to me for so many years. I am finally out of that now. Thank God. I love this show and hope to catch some more of these shows. Women In Power – We need more shows on Facebook like this!