In this episode of Women in Power, Elena Cardone interviews Carin Rockind. Carin Rockind is a happiness expert, a media personality, and the founder of PurposeGirl, a movement to empower purpose-driven living for girls and women. Her philosophy is simple: She believes that purpose, above all else, fuels happiness—and she’s devoted her career to studying it, teaching it, and coaching individuals and teams to creating fulfilling lives and successful careers.

Elena and Carin discuss the steps to forming a better life, a better future and what steps you can take right now to be happy.

1. Identify what makes you happy
2. Find your purpose
3. Speak what you want to empower yourself
4. Make a plan

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    ElenaCardone we all want happiness, like angels, but devil is in the details. any porpoise is happier than a person with a POOR purpose

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