In this episode of Women in Power Elena and Katrina interview the amazing Felisha Monet, the voice of Miami, a staple on WEDR 99 Jamz and Star 92.7 in the Cayman Islands. They discuss the long journey of being a woman in power, climbing the ladder of success while remaining true to yourself, being on 24/7 as a brand and much more. She also discusses her choice to use talent to achieve her goals instead of her sexuality.

Other Topics:
1. Balancing motherhood and working 6 days a week
2. Gaining respect in the male-dominant music market
3. Dealing with missing out on personal events due to work
4. Building a network of like-minded women

  • Great radio interview! Women-In-Power is awesome! I have been following Grant Cardone for a couple of years…AND I must give a shout out to ELENA!! Love to see your endeavors! Looking forward to learning more from you! Thank You Katrina for your talents! The two of you rock! The TIP FROM Felisha: Be comfortable in who you are, have your own voice hit the nail on the head!

  • stansburygrant

    This is a great show. Women are truly the best decision makers in our culture and a lot of men don’t get that.  
    – G

  • Fab_Single_Mom

    Great show. I watched it this morning before work and it uplifted me. I am a full time working single mom and we need more shows like that.
    Thank you keep up the great work.