Our Women In Power, Elena Cardone and new co-host Kerri Kasem, interview the Esendemir (a-send-a-meer) Sisters: Fusun (fee-soon), Gonca (gun-ja), and Arzu (r-zoo). These sisters own and operate the Flatbread Grill (@flatbreadgrill) established in 2007. They discuss what it’s like working, living with and being related to your business partners. The sisters also share some personal heartache and triumphs that came with the acquisition of their new power and direction in their life.

The sisters discuss the future of the Flatbread Grill empire, it’s menu, and even some hilarious stories about customers who have made their journey memorable!

Follow them: @flatbreadgrill @asendimeersisters

  • Steve

    Can’t wait to see the show about the book, “How to Love Your Kids More Than You Hate Your Ex”!!!!!!!

  • Adriana

    When will the Author Helen Fried of “How to Love Your Kids More Than You Hate Your Ex” be on your show?

  • Adriana

    When will the Author Helen Fried be on your show today?

  • Mart Ramirez

    WOW, Kerri flew in all the way from LA to co-host!! That’s impressive 🙂 Great segment. This makes me wish I had a sister (or two). Love how Grant says, “Gotta have those haters.” So true! I’m  a people pleaser like you, E so I know exactly how you feel!! Family is most def important and what a dream to go into business with family! Thank you for all the tips, Kerri about the hate mail etc. Lovely interview!

  • NatashaBrooks

    I need Lebanese food now! mmmmmmm Great show! Love Kerri as your new host!

  • elenacardone

    NatashaBrooks right??!! NEED Flatbread Grill NOW! Love Kerri too…she’s super fun!!

  • elenacardone

    Mart Ramirez Thank you sooo much! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the feedback!

  • elenacardone

    @Adriana We prerecorded Helen’s show and we don’t have exact air date yet but will announce as soon as we do. Follow me on Twitter or [email protected] for updates. 
    I will say this… She was AWESOME and you won’t want to miss her!

  • elenacardone

    @Steve Can’t wait either! She was VERY helpful and a great guest!

  • Laneisha

    Love this interview I am a big fan of the esendemir sisters. It was too short though I felt I wish they could have answered more questions. Will you have them on again??? They don’t do enough interviews ;( i want to see more of them but they ahrdly post videos online

  • HelenPrana1

    Great show guys, loved it! Esendemir Sisters ( I am from Turkey too), you guys made me hungry talking about food! : )
    Best of luck with your expansion!!

  • HelenPrana1

    Kerri welcome to the show : )

  • HelenPrana1

    On a different note, I loved the ads! They had great music and good products.
    PS: I know usually people don’t enjoy ads (when we watch tv) but I really enjoyed watching them and went woo hoo! : ) 🙂

  • I LOVE THESE GIRLS!! Have been following them for a year now and I am so happy to see how far they have come Keep it up! I want to see them worldwide HUGE SOON xoxo Cin your #1 fan <3 (:

  • raul

    yo their yelp story is mad funny!!!! putting that dude on blast like yo!! just goes to show you never know when somebody someday is gonna have that mic on and put you on blast! also I don’t get why they are all single they are good looking and smart what’s up? where do I send my number? Lol …not even jokin! I’m available! hit me up sisters!!!