On today’s episode of “Women in Power” Elena talks to Mandy Arthur, Editor in Chief at Success Fast lane. Mandy is a young entrepreneur who truly understands what she wants to do in life and what her strengths are.

Learn more about how she started her first business in high school, what inspires her, working with her fiancé and how overcoming social anxiety issues helped boost her self confidence and entrepreneurial spirit.

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  • KenWalls

    Awesome interview with two of my favorite women!!

  • chadpittenger

    SuccessFastLane.com is the Fastest Online Success Magazine Today.  Privileged to have 2 articles published on the site.  You are AMAZING Mandy MandyArthur

  • chadpittenger

    WOW!!!  this was an Amazing Interview and really enjoyed Mandy being so transparent and REAL…

  • MandyArthur

    mikescottnow ElenaCardone you’re AWESOME Mike!

  • mikescottnow

    MandyArthur ElenaCardone Thank you and so are you guys! Thanks for sharing you! U0001f60a

  • One of the best interviews i have seen.

  • One of the best interviews I have seen. Mandy is so far ahead of us, started at the age of 14, unbelievable! It’s pleasure to watching you Mandy and thank you for all your wisdom.