• AdamJago

    Elana Cardone the authentication that you deliver everytime I have watched you is incredible. That’s why you change lives for the better bc as a man even I am amazed at your abilities to keep it real and intriguing. Giving Becky Farias such an amazing opportunity like this (which is well deserved btw) is such an honorable thing to do. You and Grant should be America’s King and Queen bc of your Hearts. Yea you’re married to the best businessman on the planet in my eyes but I’ve fool owed you both for awhike and I know you guys genuinely want to Help people. That is why you deserve massive credit. Becky is such a great soul and deserves happiness bc she is a winner and a servant to the world she’s in. Becky I know you don’t know me but I am happy for you bc I know how much you look up to Elena and you’re hard work got you on this episode. Good for you! I wish I could create the opportunity to be on Grants team. He should be taugh in the History books as the poster child of how to live the good life. I know good people around you is critical and Becky definitely qualifies. Go Becky! Lil you need 2 do more shows go get your dreams and that prince is out there waiting to be your King:)

  • Hebenezer

    Becky is awesome. The man who win her’s heart can consider himself a winner!
    That’s a beautiful, talented, funny, strong an kindest girl that I ever see on social media.

  • officialchriswick


  • realtormalisa

    Does this mean that we will see more episodes? I miss the Elena & Katrina days!