I have two rules: 1. Find great people, 2. Never tolerate average. If you have the slightest hint of being a whiner, crybaby, or little bitch, I’ll find out. This is Whatever It Takes. Episode 5 is filled with true heart, passion and a willingness to dig deep within to find strength to persevere in the face of failure and challenge.

The Contestants:
• Vee “ The Cobra” Ramdath
• John “Troublemaker” Hamlin
• Jason “The Preacher” Handelsman
• Lucy “Pretty Woman” Certain
• Dave “Robards” Robards
• Marcos “Pitbull” Pena
• Nastasia “The Dropout” Beckford

  • 3 out of 6 late. Damn. Darwinism

  • Arman de Burbon

    Tim Brooks so true 😀

  • Dave Robards had the right mindset. He’s his only competetion. Love it!

  • Justinraay

    turning up with that opening soundtrack though lol

  • Arman de Burbon

    Cutting the first dude was so right, criticizing everyone left and right and they all just met! Thats a major red flag

  • Psi bull can’t be serious about a job

  • Being late doesn’t pay!

  • How far was the run?

  • Justinraay

    No worries, grocery tellers are always hiring……..

  • @grantcardone I don’t think you erred by cutting Jason. He was telling you something about himself and what you can expect in the future

  • Justinraay

    I knew that mole was too good pointing people off like that before being cut lol too good of an insight, but it definitely fooled a lot of people.

  • Rule number one don’t make the boss wrong. Because when he’s wrong he is still right.

  • CardoneMedia

    Who is it gonna [email protected] #wit #whateverittakes

  • It’s going to be Dave Robards. I can’t see Vee killing it on the phone prospecting

  • Arman de Burbon

    CardoneMedia Robards, he was right from the beginning

  • Justinraay

    Dave the machine, yeah, wall street type of dude. (successful attributes kinda) I can see he him winning it

  • Dave’s pitch fell apart

  • Justinraay

    Get back up 10x stronger

  • You guys…Are great!!!

  • Awesome episode.

  • Awesome! John Hamlin was great value to the episode.

  • Arman de Burbon

    This was probably the best episode sofar. Loved it!

  • tlmcqu80

    you show up late…kill urself

  • These episodes are getting better and better! Way to kill it guys!

  • Nuno Alves

    Outstanding episode grantcardone and you did the right decision hiring both!!..Best episode so fa!!!

  • Nuno Alves

    This ultimate job interview https://twitter.com/witnation is a must on TV  and in internet worldwide

  • ErikRodriguez

    You know a show is good when it ends and you’re thinking about the next one. This beast needs to be on TV. Brilliant

  • AleshaDrew

    Loved that both guys were hired! Excellent decision!

  • smrtmoves

    I admit at the outset I was underwhelmed by every candidate. Who is late for a job interview? Excuses…who cares, it was embarrassing to listen to. Further, have these people spent more than 5 minutes listening to #GrantCardone ? It was interesting. Will continue to watch. I think the right guy got the job. Ultimately no one lost because they each got a hug from Elena.

  • Why do they even apply without watching your best show? #PowerPlayersRocks Also I hope that you get that guy to generate more sales for you because there are tens of thousands of people searching for sales training and CardoneUniveristy doesn’t show up anywhere… Good luck!

  • GrantCardone ElenaCardone I’m putting my chips on Dave “Empty Suit” #WIT

  • GrantCardone ElenaCardone Ch. 3: I’m cutting Natasia & Vee #WIT

  • Carlos Torres

    hahahah at pitbull what a clown

  • GrantCardone ElenaCardone Ch.9 – Still going with “Empty Suit” Dave.  Vee’s pitch was technical but terrible #WIT

  • SteelsteveUSA

    Great episode those two guys will succeed after getting a Grant Cardone tune-up!

  • AdvisorVal

    GrantCardone ElenaCardone

  • BairdInspire

    Talking to John would be an awesome opportunity.  That guy is hilarious and sounds like he knows how to have a good time.  10 minutes with him would be amazing!

  • bigmarshdawg77

    This episode kicked ass!

  • bigmarshdawg77

    BairdInspire Yes it would!

  • dave_gill7

    No water/sell yourself challenge this time?

  • DavidSchmidt1

    Too many times people over complicate sales and their approach. Selling something this valuable should just flow. Enjoyed another exciting episode!

  • mikefrippsinc

    Awesome Awesome episode. John Hamil is the man I could tell he really wants to help people. Great job Dave on the win

  • DASlinkard

    what’s up with the person wearing the cannabis energy drink shirt? Poor representative for the potential new hire… Glad that you cut them.

  • Till Spurny

    Busy all week, starting to watch right now. Greetings to all from Germany

  • SteelsteveUSA

    Yes, I thought the “Cannabis” shirt was bad product placement as we say in the marketing world. Why would you let someone compete that was hours late? That’s unsat.

  • Peter Johnston

    Another awesome show.  Can’t get enough.  Not sure who does the video editing but it’s epic.  Grant, you’re a man ahead of your time!

  • robk23172

    GrantCardone watched it. Loved it. Best episode yet.

  • pasquinilli

    This show keeps getting better. Your message is clearer and more focused each episode. A great treat. Thanks Grant.

  • KodeCreative

    GrantCardone Searched for ages, didn’t even consider that. Should be in shows too!

  • Diego Paiva

    Great Show ! Now Lets go TAKE OVER the Brasil Market !!! Call Me Diego Paiva 305.798.9021 !

  • KodeCreative

    GrantCardone also, where is episode 1? seems to start from episode 2

  • corneilstoute

    Where is the intro….? seems like it starts from episode 2  🙁

  • WalkerStara

    I laughed my ass off when he said this is where I belong man. He is doing whatever it takes

  • KodeCreative

    GrantCardone as a subscriber it would be great to mark which videos I have “watched” and have not

  • JohnPRuckman

    GrantCardone Oh yeah!

  • DryCrawlSpace

    GrantCardone great episode! Initially thought the group was weak but turned out you found a good one. the Preacher was a puzzle.

  • RichardHalll

    Finally making the time to see this! Middle of Ep 3 and my money is on Pitbull and Robards.  Please let this be the episode I predict correctly….

  • RichardHalll

    Oh jeez….. Robards please don’t fail me now!

  • RichardHalll

    Hehe working out drill sergeant style!  That stuff is pretty mental, but after a while you learn to block out the negativity and just concentrate on what you’re doing.  I ain’t interested in a job or moving to Miami, but these challenges just look like a lot of fun! (NOT a masochist, just like the challenges ^_^)

  • RichardHalll

    Would’ve tossed Jason way early on.  Proud to know my hunches were right about him.

  • Powerful show.

  • CardoneMedia

    Henry Z Get Ready for Season 2 of #WhateverItTakes The Ultimate Job interveiw! It will be 10X BETTER!

  • RichardHalll

    YAY!!!  For the first time in five episodes I guessed the winner!  This double hire/do business with thing is throwing my game off Grant!

  • CardoneMedia

    We are working on 10X blowing [email protected]! Thanks for being a fan and helping out! #wit #whateverittakes

  • AprilMooreBrumfield

    Before I even watched the episode, I was like, “Hey, that looks like Dave Robards in the line up.”  I guess you don’t get to guess the winner when you’ve talked him on the phone before.

  • ScottCommon

    Fresh!  Short n Sweet!  Entertaining, Real and Educational.   In sales?  Forget the books, get Grant on Audible.com and shave, shower, cook with Grant.  Double dog dare ya to Listen to Grant before your next sales call – you might get 10 times the results – I do.

  • igorkeel

    Neither was worth it, you have had better contestants.

  • This show is powerful.

  • bradleyvose

    That’s my Salesman Dave Robards!!! I coulda crushed you bro!!!  Happy for you and keep pushing myself and my team!!!!  Good Stuff!! #10X #whateverittakes

  • Craig Gray

    This show is great, the cast was below average.  I’m surprised you aren’t getting better talent with how valuable working for you could be for anyone!

  • I’m sure it’s probably much more difficult being there live. Dave has turned into a selling machine. He’s one of the top guys working for Grant. Success is about someone working on their potential not current ability.

  • I’m sure it’s probably much more difficult being there live. Dave has turned into a selling machine. He’s one of the top guys working for Grant. Success is about someone working on their potential not current ability
    Whatever it Takes: https://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes/episode5/#ixzz3f8G3Vn3c

  • ClarenceOliver

    I have watched everyone of these episodes Grant, not one of your people close!  What the hell is goin on there!

  • Ch 4  – “I’m not hiring Michael Phelps, I wanna know What are their fears? What are they not confronting? Are they taking care of themselves every day?” 
    I love that GrantCardone !

  • CH 5 – “I’m deleting my video Grant” … “Thank you! I just met YOU”. GrantCardone I see what you’re doing there, to find out what they’re really about. Good strategy!

  • CH 7 – “If you can’t take care of your body you can’t take care of my office you can’t take care of my customers and you’re not going to have the extra energy when things get tough.” A++ GrantCardone   Awesome

  • That’s great they both got hired. Did Vee end up doing a stellar job on the Internet for you GrantCardone ?