This round has the craziest crew yet. A mother, daughter and son come to see which of them has Whatever It Takes—and another competitor travels over 1,200 miles to be on the show. Day one starts off with the worst turnout since the show began, and there is nothing but surprises in this episode.

• Steve “Farmboy” Spray
• Valia “Bubbles” Alexis
• Minh “The Assassin” Fong
• Johnny “Johnny Sales” Ringold
• Dana “The Sand Eater” Norman
• Cam “Mr. President” Holden
• Ronnie “Legs” Hart
• Ronsades “The Student” Hart
• Lwanda “The Mom” Moore

  • stephanie_spray

    I bet ScubaSteveSpray wasn’t late!! #WhateverItTakes GrantCardone

  • vaughn_witn

    Let the games begin!

  • CardoneMedia

    Look at Johnny Sales JACKET!! LOL #WIT

  • kshawYALL

    Oh man a whole family! This is great!

  • kshawYALL

    Do I have to be ethical?? Can’t believe that was a question!

  • Go ScubaSteveSpray  dominate!

  • CardoneMedia

    @checking on the team! love that! #WIT Go Johnny doing #WhateverItTakes!!

  • stephanie_spray

    My money is on #Farmboy every time! ScubaSteveSpray GrantCardone #WhateverItTakes

  • kshawYALL

    Dropped the ball just like the glass! [email protected]  #WhateverItTakes

  • CardoneMedia

    Sad to see Ronny go, but when your late your cut!

  • CardoneMedia

    Who do you think will win #witnation? #WhateverItTakes

  • kshawYALL

    Check out Farmboy’s selling skills! #WhateverItTakes

  • CardoneMedia farm boy ScubaSteveSpray will win!

  • Chapter 1: How can you be late for this. I will do whatever it takes, oh unless it is to show up on time. What a joke GrantCardone  #wit CardoneMedia

  • GrantCardone ElenaCardone I had farmboy all the way from the 3rd segment on

  • Chapter 2: Rock it, get the mother out this is the no excuse zone!!! GrantCardone  #wit

  • Chapter 2: rock on FarmBoy Great pitch. GrantCardone  Chapter 3: do I have to be ethical, WTF…


  • AleshaDrew

    Great episode! I had Farm Boy from the get go!

  • SteelsteveUSA

    FarmBoy is going to rock your organization!

  • Chapter 4: Car guy out of there!!! Something wrong with him.  Sister is not bad just not sure who she is yet. Get OUT!!! #wit

  • EthanJHarris01

    GrantCardone love the show man! U are the real deal! #wit #WhateverItTakes #EthanSpeaks I got all your material and follow you religiously!

  • KeithDixon1984

    GrantCardone ElenaCardone I had FARMBOY all the way, I called it after the 3rd segment #WIT #WhateverItTakes

  • J_stoops

    GrantCardone I think ScubaSteveSpray had a killer interview. Way better than the ‘Palm Tree’ pitch…

  • JordanPinney

    @grantcardone!!! While farm boy was the clear winner, I can’t be u didn’t hire 2 people out of this episode Ronny and ice girl had more fight& desire than anyone else I’ve seen on the show. I understand firing Ronny cause it doesn’t matter how hard u can work if your not there to work. But the girl was the only one made the video when you asked and while she stayed in the ice to long that takes fight and will power. I think both her and Ronny were better than the girl with glasses in the last episode, but she quit anyways so I guess you’re right…. #ifurnot1sturlast #dontbalittlebitch

  • JordanPinney

    Also I’m not looking for a job but u should make me an offer anyway… I’m the best salesman there Ever was. The only reason I even say that is cause I wang you to hone and perfect my skills. People with 0 bugs and snow in the yard buy pest control from me while every other door2door salesman says its too cold to sell and no one will buy if there is snow on the ground. I work high commission- no salary no draw… Just sell and get paid and No sales = broke bitch

  • ColonialWhit

    GrantCardone GrantCardone What a tremendous episode. Some strong candidates but Steve was never threatened. Show getting better and better

  • bethcsmile

    GrantCardone yes i just finished watching this 4th episode…

  • rafikikiman

    GrantCardone how did most of them showed up late crazy ? Bubbles didn’t show up

  • scottklein524

    GrantCardone liked the first 2 episodes better than the last 2.

  • robthomasjr

    GrantCardone FARMBOY!!!!!!!!

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    J_stoops GrantCardone Palm tree is priceless though

  • johabella

    GrantCardone Why have Sticks go through all that if you had no intention of keeping him after being late twice? #bigtalker

  • 10XNUNO

    GrantCardone pick Dana.Good pitch, grind and most of all…SENSE OF HUMOR compared to other with the WTF(whythe face )

  • 10XNUNO

    GrantCardone farmboy ScubaSteveSpray kill it the show and rock it !!!

  • Def dug this episode.  I was wondering if that was “Scuba Steve” but didnt comment this go round until I watched all the segments.  ScubaSteveSpray  was a beast from the onset.  The sister was a good look!  Different show for sure.  Had my attention. I’m noticing these shows are going by quickly and thats because I’m hooked on each episode…!  Very diverse crowd.  Whatever happened to Bubbles?

  • 10XNUNO

    GrantCardone amazing the amount of people on the market can lose a lifetime opportunity like this!! Why be late at a simply job interview ?

  • 10XNUNO

    GrantCardone ep4 wa s clear on#1 rule GET THE JOB DONE and Go Get IT. Period

  • Grant,  great show and good choice! The rest, nice people, but
    a lot of bs, they don’t have WIT 🙂

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    Get FREED ScubaSteveSpray Thanks man! Bubbles never showed up for day 2. I thought she was going to be good!

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    @10XNUNO GrantCardone ScubaSteveSpray Thanks man! Sign up for Season 2!!!

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    @robthomasjr GrantCardone yea thanks bro!

  • Aidan Smith

    Man, ScubaSteveSpray is my WIT idol. Guarantee I’ll be on and following his footsteps in season 2! #Ambition #WhateverItTakes

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    JordanPinney the ice was soo intense! I give major credit to Dana because it was very difficult.

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    SteelsteveUSA it’s a Steve thing!

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    AleshaDrew Thank you!

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    JayBerry ScubaSteveSpray thank you!

  • GrantCardone

    johabella kept giving him benefit of doubt

  • GrantCardone

    pasquinilli I know – he never [email protected]@with us – liked him

  • marcellhanson1


  • ScubaSteveSpray

    Aidan Smith ScubaSteveSpray thanks! Hope you make Season 2!!

  • Would not have pegged you for “Farm Boy” @scubastevespray

  • JordanPinney

    For me I couldnt believe Ronny took off his prosthetic legs and carried the rugs across the street to be faster… He didn’t complain once about a disadvantage just got after it. His determination motivates me!

  • goprowithdandre

    It’s hard to believe that another human being could inspire me more than RonnieHart. That guy literally showed me what “Hart” is all about. But to see my boy ScubaSteveSpray , aka #FarmBoy, travel 1200 miles to Miami to show me #WHATEVERITTAKES, really lit a fire under my ass. 

    Since the first time i spoke to this guy, he’s been promoted to Senior Sales Manager and doubled his income. He gave me added confidence to send in my pitch to work for Grant and sold me my first GC product, the Sell or Be Sold audio tape back in July. This guy pumped me way up about my future and career in sales. 

    Even last week I got to speak to him and he hooked me up with the Auto Sales for New Hires audio program; I SOLD MY FIRST CAR EVER, with no prior experience in auto sales only 2 days later. I don’t have business cards yet, let alone a car of my own but I’m shooting for the top baby! I’m now growing sales at Southmiamifiat in Palmetto Bay and would be glad to get anyone out there the best deal on a new or used vehicle in our current lineup. If I can’t find it here, I’ll hook it up and get you what you’re looking for at any dealer in Miami. I GUARANTEE IT!

    After moving 1500 miles away from my family, friends and home in Massachusetts, to Miami, I can’t say how much it meant to me to know it’s possible to hit MY GOAL OF 100k BY 25 like Steve has. I look forward to carving out my path and living out my dreams.


  • @ScubaSteveSpray Appreciate the reply! Keep demolishing the game. I anticipate dominating alongside the team sooner than later #whateverittakes

  • alexb1013

    Not sure that cutting the Assissin was the right move..I would have kept him.

  • alexb1013

    GOOD candidates this time round, tough choices your team and you had to make, ” I would of had Assissin vs Fam boy in a show down, hired both dependant of task and outcome and double my odds on retention!! Great show


    perfect! I’m so glad of the outcome! thank you.

  • Arjun Suria

    Great episode!

  • bransonwealth


  • 10XNUNO

    GrantCardone Unbelivalble the strenthg people can have when you push them to the limit.But he is dumb to get late twice on a job interview

  • Trina Bernard

    @10XNUNO GrantCardone I agree!!!

  • CecilTalorTurner

    ScubaSteveSpray DUDE!!! YOURE A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rafikikiman

    GrantCardone just waiting for my email can’t wait

  • mikefrippsinc

    Great show @grantcardone good job on hiring Steve only person to ask for the sale in his pitch about himself. Great job @scubastevespray

  • Bernardino Mejia

    WOW ! WOW!!!!!! ! BRAVO !!! THIS SHOW IS WHERE I WANT TO BE!! I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!! Great concept , amazing, direction, CONGRATS TO CARDONE!!! & ALL THE TEAM.

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    mikefrippsinc Thank you for watching!

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    CecilTalorTurner ScubaSteveSpray thanks bro!

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    goprowithdandre RonnieHart ScubaSteveSpray Southmiamifiat wow Andre dude that’s awesome to hear and thank you! Moving far away from everything you know is hard but has been unbelievable so far! You’ll find every bit of success that you chase. 

    Sign up for Season 2! We shoot at the end of the month. Send in a video TODAY!

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    Jon Ashford haha yea I grew up on a farm in Indiana. That’s where I learned to hustle!

  • Powerful show. Grant Cardone is Changing the Game in Hiring the right people to Grow his Businesses.

  • corneilstoute

    Man this show was as cold as the ice they stood in. Got dang!!! I enjoyed watching this

  • Katarina2

    Really disappointed in the show. There wasn’t any explanation that “Farm Boy” [email protected] worked for your [email protected] Isn’t this show about giving people in need a job that can better their life? Whoever runs your PR should really think twice about that. We aren’t here to watch you promote your staff.

  • Talk is Easy, Action is difficult. Yet Action is Easy, True Understanding is difficult.
    Love the show WIT! I want more.

  • robertantwi

    Cardone gets it! “She’s going through life on the basis of her looks”

  • robertantwi

    I said the farmboy off the bat, HE was the only one standing up straight in the line up! Str8 giveaway!

  • This was a pretty good episode. For the life of me I cannot understand why so many of these people are late. Their lack of a sense of urgency may explain why so many of them are sucking at life. I Suspect that a lot of them have become comfortable their current situation. Is important to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

  • The guy who owns the car dealership creeped me out from the first minute. It really pisses me off when people think they need to be slimy to sell. It means they have week game and no skills.

  • Frank Pella

    Great show! I love the WitNation content.

  • Katarina2

  • Guest

    @GrantCardone should have broken his own rules and hired both Dana and Steve. Both unbelievable great potentials. It was a mistake by Dana to worship the rules more than getting the job done (provided it’s legal and ethical of course) but she learned from it. She got a lot to offer!

  • bigmarshdawg77

    Damn, cut twice from the same show.

  • bigmarshdawg77

    It’s amazing how good three of those contestants were and how bad three others were.

  • DanaAnnNorman

    Katarina2 We filmed in October 2013. ScubaSteveSpray was a stellar competitor who truly moved from Indiana for this opportunity. I knew he was the lead competitor besides myself the entire time.

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    DanaAnnNorman Katarina2 ScubaSteveSpray Dana you are a hustler for sure! Strongest I’ve seen out of any of the episodes. The show missed a lot of the really crazy stuff we went through. Had a lot of fun doing it!

  • Guest

    This is a great show – it’s what I wished The Apprentice always was. I think if someone’s late you should cut them immediately though.

  • I Don’t think Dana was a good hire. When offered the choice she picked graphic design or something like that. That means she does not want to sell and what Wilt very quickly.

  • deleted_72487455_JayBerry

    It’s amazing how many people show up late, and how many people have excuses. Scuba Steve and Dana were definitely ahead of the rest.

  • It’s amazing how many people show up late, and how many people make excuses. Scuba Steve amd Dana were definitely ahead of the rest.

  • GrantCardone

    Do you have WhateverItTakes- watch this and then decide

  • JenniferRader

    You need people that can bring it Grant. You are always talking about stepping it up a level. Let’s do this. Let me help you take it to the next level. #DWYD #squeegee

  • I am ready! Bags are packed and commitment level is at an all time high.


    GrantCardone -PAXP-deijE.gif #DWYD


    GrantCardone wrong URL.
    Go check out my page DOWHATYOUDOARMY on my Facebook. jennifer Swanner Rader

  • OmaR_Buckley

    GrantCardone grant im flying miami to come work for you… good idea?

  • DanaAnnNorman

    @OmaR_Buckley GrantCardone Just do it!

  • GrantCardone

    DanaAnnnorman why didn’t we ever hear back from you

  • DanaAnnnorman

    GrantCardone Among the many things I’ve learned from you, Grant… I now know that I need to do WIT to accomplish my aspirations.

  • DanaAnnnorman

    GrantCardone however… I’m all for giving it another shot! Still love you, ElenaCardone and the empire you’ve built from nothing! #WIT

  • Alihemraj1

    DanaAnnnorman GrantCardone put her back in the show grant!! U0001f44d

  • gibby

    I would have liked to see the assissin go to the end with farm boy..has anyone got to the final group selling you the water??

  • kennycannon

    @gibby The first winner sold the water.

  • bobbywatts15

    GrantCardone The Ultimate Driving Machine

  • Laurie

    Great series Grant. I truly appreciate the reminders. First that I am thankful to be working for myself and secondly that though I am not interviewing for a “job” we are constantly being interviewed. In sales we MUST sell ourselves first and our product second. Good Luck to all!!

  • witnation

    Tim Brooks If someone has Whatever It Takes they can succeed at any position. And Grant is hiring for more than just sales.

  • RichardHalll

    Hmmm Farmboy or Dana?  I’ll have to catch Chapter 8 later.  Something tells me it’s going to be Dana.  Maybe a double?  Farmboy keeps showing up in the promos so I don’t think he makes it…

  • RichardHalll

    Ahhh the senior order versus the minor orders.  Geez!  Just like the metal detector task.  Well good job for Steve!  All the best to Dana as well.  Minh….you…stupid….stupid….stuuuppppiddd -_-

  • Carlos Torres

    LOL the assissin was talking smack at the end. Take the “loss” and keep moving. Like grant says “dont be a little bitch”

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    @Carlos Torres haha love it Carlos!

  • Coffee Black

    How the hell do people show up late? Get there 2 hours before if you have to. That’s a damn shame. Congrats to Farm Guy. Guy brought it. Come on now you got a once in a lifetime opportunity and you’re late?

  • TonyTomlinson26

    when was this filmed because Steve Ray called me Last year already working for grant???

  • TonyTomlinson26


  • a comment

    TonyTomlinson26 From what I can pick up on the shows could have been produced about 18 months.

  • The 1st season was filmed some time in 2013.

  • BenFolk

    The Farmboy just said, “Thought…is instantaneous.”  I loved the smile on Jarrod and Grant’s faces on that one.  It’s a pretty powerful datum.  It’s only chapter 2, part 1, but I’m rooting for him!

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    TonyTomlinson26 it was filmed in October 2013.

  • ScubaSteveSpray

    BenFolk Ask for the close up front. Some people are ready to roll!

  • dave_gill7

    I am the only one who can’t find the first episode? Damn man!!

  • vaughn_witn

    dave_gill7 It’s up at and you can click the title underneath the videos to see all of the other episodes.

  • dave_gill7

    vaughn_witn dave_gill7 It wasn’t in the list at WIT main page, thanks man!

  • tlmcqu80

    Damn, can’t show up late 2X…I was pulling for him too

  • drakax21

    betterjobsearch /! YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT /!

  • snance10X

    Damn man…I would have hired Dana too…She was enthusiastic and seemed to be a real go getter.

  • #icebucket GrantCardone  Stay in the ice, Don’t stay in the Ice. Was it a little trick or a rule of the challenge. What will a employer over look for performance? This leads us to a much bigger question. Does the way you were raised set an unfair set of rules upon us that actually blocks us from success? Why do so many immigrants become successful in the USA? Are the rules they are working under different from ours? I think so.  Learn a different set of rules here. become the success in want.

  • dave_gill7

    No episode 5?

  • CardoneMedia

    dave_gill7 Stay tuned Episode 5 [email protected]’s Ultimate Job Interview will be coming to you Friday 3/20!!

  • dave_gill7

    CardoneMedia dave_gill7 How many episodes for this first season?? Can’t wait!

  • CardoneMedia

    snance10X Agreed I liked Dana too! I would have hired both.

  • CardoneMedia

    dave_gill7 CardoneMedia 6 Episodes are in Season 1 of @GrantCardone’s #WhateverItTakes the Ultiamte Job Interview

  • dave_gill7

    CardoneMedia dave_gill7 Thanks!

  • RichardLalonde

    GrantCardone I’ll be sure to check it out!

  • Arman de Burbon

    Great episode again a little too quick thou. I thought farmboy would win from the beginning.

    Maybe all of them doing all the challenges till the end and eleminating only those who lie, cheat/cover up their s*itty performance and come late would show different results?

    Cant wait to watch tommorows show. BTW how many show is there in a season?

  • Toma

    Dana is greata!!! If I had a company I would like to have employe like her.

  • igorkeel

    I like how this episode has less chapters, makes it quicker and to the point. 

    Glad Farmboy won, he is a real killer.

  • CardoneMedia

    Arman de Burbon 6 Episodes are in Season 1 of @GrantCardone’s #WhateverItTakes the Ultiamte Job Interview
    Whatever it Takes:

  • David N

    “Do I have to be ethical?”

    YES YOU IDIOT. Guys like that give us car salesmen a bad name. And his sales pitch was terrible anyways. I have a very hard time believing he sold a single car at age 15, much less making 15k his first month. Also, I can’t believe all those guys showed up late to an interview and then had the nerve to say they have whatever it takes. If you can’t bother to show up a little early to the most important interview of your life, you’re going nowhere!

  • MrDDub

    Thank Go they changed to format, Season 3 format much better !

  • Lars Stollenga

    Hey guys, you know that water pitch challenge that they do on this show? I submitted a video too, about how I think it should be done.
    You think I did well, or maybe you would do it an other way, let me know in the comments below the video itself!