Grant Cardone and Captain Ryan bring you a new edition of the Real Estate Show each Monday, again demonstrating that the best real estate always has multiple doors.

Today Grant walks you through one of his deals that he purchased in 2014. The building consists of 104 units, typically smaller than what Grant purchases but it is in an area where he already has many apartments.

Grant gives all the numbers in this deal, explains a bridge loan, why you should partner with someone, how to properly use, and the need to scale out and don’t make the mistake of buying single family home. It’s the same energy to go big as it does to go small! Get the real deal on real estate each Monday as Grant will take your questions and give you all the details of his deals.

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  • Todd Tindall

    What are your thoughts on flipping homes?

  • TMez15

    Hey Grant what are your thoughts on the Vegas market right now for multi-family deals?

  • JoNazareno

    This is GOLD. I pause it so I can take notes, and on this show alone I’ve racked up 5 full pages of wisdom, techniques and tactics.
    Thanks Ryan & Uncle G!

  • ChrisMartinez2


  • augustin_60

    What do you think of this book and it’s principles? It looks like your first strategy Ryan.
    “William Nickerson, How I turned $1000 into Five Million in Real Estate in My Spare Time”

  • Logan Parrette

    20:25…a man crawls under across the studio under the table hahaha. On a related note, great show again Uncle G!