When it comes to real estate, Grant Cardone has the magic touch. He’s been investing in real estate for years and has bought and sold over $428-million in assets. He currently operates almost 4000 units in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina. Every Monday he will go live to discuss real estate and explain the deals he bought and why he bought them. There is risk in any investment. The only way to reduce risk is to know what you are doing. You need 3 things: 1) Know Real Estate, 2) Know the Market, and 3) Know the Deal.

  • KenrickARUBA

    Grant ,

    I inherited property land and sold a part to buy mobile trailers and build a apartment building with a bank mortage.
    Producing a return of NOI $2300.00 on a $103.000 mortage at 6% for 25 years.

    My idea is to Tap into the equity I have from the land and building.

    WHat should be my next move?

  • Diegomaldonado

    What information should I find out when trying to figure out what the value of a apartment complex? 

    What information should I find out to know if is a good investment? What makes it a good investment?

  • Mark Elkhill

    Great info here my friends.  I am just getting started and I need to go out and find a couple hundred $K so I can get started.  Hope this very generous business partnership offer stays around for a while.  Thanks a bunch guys~!