In this edition of Grant Cardone’s Real Estate Show the topic is on multi-family value-add. When you are buying apartments, how can you add value to get more income? Tips to find the value-add in the deal include the following:

1.Rent Disparity— look for markets where there is a big difference in prices, where there are $800 rents in the ghetto and then jump to $3000 in other areas. Where’s the middle? Look for markets where there is big rent disparity.

2.Timing—there are certain times better than other times, and to know the timing you have to be in the marketplace.

3.Kitchens and floors— You don’t get a pool to raise the rent, but to make it easier to rent. Amenities make it easier to close the deal with people. Washers and dryers will cost money to install but will make it easier to rent for many people.

Would you spend $600 to get back $65 a month? Invest something to get something back.

Think about things people will pay for like parking or VIP trash pick-up. This is an incoming producing business so get creative.
Don’t do baby steps in real estate. If you do, you’ll be punished. Save your money until you can go big. You need to be buying things that will produce income right away. For more, tune in each Monday as Grant tackles your questions on anything and everything to do with real estate.

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  • PhillipDade

    @GrantCardone – I am in a 1031 now, with cash proceeds of $3,736,295 that I need to place… the downleg is in escrow and closing in next 30 days… All things being equal, would you prefer a single 200-unit or a 2 or 3 50 – 100 unit properties?

  • Benjamin40

    What do you think about NNN lease deals with credit tenants compared to apartment complexes that have 90-100 percent occupancy rates?

  • jamesalexander46

    Wow Grant, you made me go from being an 8 car guy to a 20+ car guy every month — and now I am learning commercial real estate – unbelievable work dude.

  • Annabelle

    Awesome Info you are sharing….  I own 34 units in Texas and currently in the process of refinancing to cash out my initial deposit and capital investment to buy another multi unit property.  Do you recommend that I cashout or buy 1 larger property?

  • LAMurabito

    I love learning while everyone else is taking the day off. When does success take a break?

  • AaronBeadles

    LAMurabito right? 🙂

  • Reisse62

    LAMurabito Exactly!! I am going to sign a client in 1/2 hour! Wahoo.

  • I love this new show! Thank you for throwing down!

  • AaronBeadles

    GC is a StudMuffin

  • LAMurabito

    My learning is I should sell my house and invest that $$ in 15 unit or more. My equity would get me 10m. What’s your BIG take away?

  • karlj1

    Grant,  how can I get involved in your real estate deals as a passive investor? I am in several multi families in Texas currently and want to be in FL.


  • kshawYALL
  • Greg Sheaks

    I wanna know more about door knocking !

  • BrandonGrass

    Just in the process of getting my full real estate license, and couldn’t be more excited about this new show. TONS of unreal information in this first episode Thanks so [email protected]