There is one piece of data that determines the value of a piece of real estate. It’s not CAP rate, it’s not price per unit or price per square feet. The cash flow determines value.

Real Estate is a place for you to protect your capital, and cash flow is what you need.

To get into real estate you need money. Use a job or the job will use you. Get great at your job so you can have surpluses to invest. Single family homes are not a business, you must get into multi-family.

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  • Mark Elkhill

    Hey guys, love the show.  I am training right now so I can get started.  Thank you~!

    Mark Elkhill

  • Ernie Velasquez

    Uncle G.C.!!  – Give us the KNOW to MF Investments to start my Millionaire Goal!!

  • Mark Elkhill

    Hey Ryan, after the show get this project in front of Grant.  It is a little off topic but I know Grant loves to help Vets.  Here is the promo for the Veterans Community Project.  Just trying to get the word out to help the cause.

    Back on topic.  I am gonna email you a couple deals to look at.  We have a budget of about $30 mil and looking to buy 300 doors or more in Vegas.  Let me get all the info and I will send it.

    Mark Elkhill

  • TJSmith1

    Hey Grant and Ryan! You guys are awesome! 

    Listen, How do I write up a LOI to an owner of a multi-unit if I plan to sell the contract to an investor as a wholesale deal?

    Be Great!

    -Tony Smith

  • CarlosCastellanos2

    Hey GC and Ryan, fantastic show gentlemen.

    A really great book on this subject is ‘What every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow’ and 36 other Key Financial Measures by Frank Gallinelli.

    Be Great!!