Real estate is real, but is it real good or is it real bad? Grant looked at product for 3 years before ever buying and he encourages you to walk many properties in order to get a real good deal. You must know what you are doing. If you aren’t obsessed with real estate, you shouldn’t be in it. Grant breaks down a deal in this episode and shows you what is good about it, but also what concerns him. He shows that you can borrow money at 4% on a deal with an 8.3% CAP—and get paid 4.3% just by getting a loan. But Grant reminds viewers you don’t have to go small, ride with someone who is going big. When you look at a deal look at two things—the subjective and the objective side. The subjective is how the deal feels. The objective is how the numbers fit. If you have a deal you want Grant to look at, email [email protected]

  • esweg

    I know that this is not on the agenda. But your book Obsessed is the best book I have ever read. I own and operate 3 very successful businesses here in NYC and even at my age I learned quite a bit. I have never provided a review on Amazon but I felt inclined to do so. I am purchasing more of your books to give out to my two sons, many co-workers, and to use it as a guide to highlight the many suggestions that you have conveyed. From sales, to managing, to self improvement you have wrapped up a tremendous amount of information in a concise and professional manner. 
     Thank you!!!

  • Uncle G the Real Estate Genius!

  • Jurry Locsin Jr

    THE 10X master! Thanks UNCLE G for all the wisdom and support you do for entrepreneurs all over the world. PERSONALLY, you have helped me 10X my life. I’m into real estate in my Country PHILIPPINES and into sales because of your BIG HELP. THANKS a lot.

  • KennyCannon1

    How far do you go from your town? I’d have to drive at least 2 hours to see any real product. If I stayed in my town (within an hour from me), I’d see all the product in 1 weekend.
    I’m on the east end of Long Island.

  • RuiMarques

    We need you to write a book on Real Estate wuth the definitions of ALL the terms thats the main thin that is causing not understanding the subject. 

    Garantee you the book will be a BEstseller!

    Uncle G please write us a book with the Basics of Real Estate  🙂

  • Ernie Velasquez

    Uncle G how is that $32000 year?? I am confused? Shouldn’t it be $32000 Month! 
    $2000 x 16 Units = $32000??

  • Al Hudson

    Advertising needs aside, won’t the value of the property increase with the vacant areas developing around it?  OR…will the NEW units provide too much competition for your vacant units when they occur?

  • Logan Parrette

    Ernie Velasquez $32000/year because hes doing the math annually as opposed to monthly