Why does Grant invest in real estate? Before you do anything, whether it is getting married or just getting a pet, you need a reason. You need to know why you are doing something. Here are reasons Grant—and you—should invest in multi-family real estate:

1.Dependable cash flow.
2.Multiply money.
3.Low cost of debt.
4.Inflation hedge.
5.Physical Assets.
6.Tax Benefits.
7.Asset Appreciation.

We’re following Japan and we’ll see negative interest rates someday. The bank is going to charge you for you to have your cash in the bank. You want your money in something that is real. When the world goes bad, you want something real. This isn’t David Copperfield and smoke and mirrors. Fiat currency is all smoke and mirrors. Get your cash in real estate.

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  • Bobby Poinsett

    Do you get a 30 year term loan? Isnt buying an apartment building considered commercial loan, so wouldn’t they only do a 20-25 year term?

  • AustinMcGee

    LOVE the show!

  • krfranzen1

    First time watching do you focus more on duplexs triplexs, quads, single family homes or apartments?

  • krfranzen1

    For people starting

  • krfranzen1

    NOI verses property value is that right?  So the value of the property is then for a 4plex since a loan is based in home laoning asset and appraised by the community and how those properties are selling?

  • Hi Grant, when you buy a deal, do you have a management company or do you do this yourself ? What do you suggest for someone who wants to buy a first deal of 20 units ?

  • krfranzen1

    Do you teach on flipping?

  • Syed Ahmed Najamuddin

    Awesome sir

  • Syed Ahmed Najamuddin

    Your life is a value to the entire planet. I am a Pakistani boy struggle 08 years in UAE and now on a right track just because of you. My whole family loves you and God Bless you and your family. Love jarrod too

  • Dale

    badass. Great show. Thanks guys