• Blake Toves

    This should be interesting. I sense some 10X Knowledge

  • Phillip Skye

    Anxiously awaiting the start of this…..I already feel like I’m missing out on Nuggets.

    • Atanas Vasilev

      You are… Go to his facebook page! He’s live

  • Grant Hoekstra

    Hey guys, please tell us what time zone you quote the times for your presentations.

  • Tom

    I can’t believe you brought this guy onto your show.

  • Lots of energy here, I hope they do it again and Tai gets to study Grant more. I think Grant is a 10 on entertainment on social media.

  • This Power Players episode was BEAST! Thank you for putting this together. I think the best moment in this interview happens at 26:53. I’m not giving it away. If someone is reading this to get the Cliffs Notes, my comment is not for you. Watch this entire episode. Guaranteed, you will learn something powerful. POWERFUL! Grant Cardone & Tai Lopez are definitely two of those people you need to follow.


  • Alexandru Muscalu

    Grant exposed the fakeness of Tai Lopez in these collab episodes…Grant did it to get exposure from Tai’s crowd…he did it for the market share like a hustler would!

    Tai is not done but he got exposed as a guy who doesn’t even have a business!…especially in that car episode.