• Cody Cap

    Get on Cardone University man! Never never never pitch with sunglasses! HUGE mistake.

  • PitchBOSS

    Hey Cody,
    It’s Minh here,
    Thanks for the feedback,
    My whole intention for this was a fun approach. This was not a die hard pitch by any means. This is not my professional style pitch by any means. Plus, the glasses were brand new and wanted to show them off 😉

  • Grant Jr

    This was for $1,000 and you wore sunglasses during your pitch? I don’t understand why you even posted this. You were very choppy throughout the pitch too. Sorry man, but you need some Cardone University.

  • PitchBOSS

    Hey Grant Jr,
    Thanks for sharing,
    My previous below should clarify things. This was more of a fun challenge and not really something that I had to win. For winning top prize is not that important. I would happy just for a chance to visit Cardone HQ

  • AaronGaley

    Hey guys, go check out my pitch! I have never worked in sales. I have been a machinist for 15 years. I would like some feedback on my video. Grant Jr, let me know what you think. Thanks

  • PitchBOSS

    Will do Aaron. And best of luck in your transition to your new career.

  • Ryan ODonnell

    Love it! I can get you TEN MORE votes! All you need to do is vote for mine once and post the link to it on your social media pages https://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/ryan-odonnell/  🙂 hurry because I’m only offering this for 2 more days. Make sure to comment on my video to let me know you did so.