• 4movecheckmate

    Yeah dude, that was legit. A little shaky at the end, but I liked it. 

    One thing is, I think the part about forest workers might be a little confusing. I think if you were in the hot seat with Grant he’d cut you off and be like “yeah, we don’t work in a forest.” I think it might create a needless objection. Other than that, solid.

  • Thanks man. Yes, totally agree with you. Could have left out forrest workers. I would have replied to him if he did bring it up in this fashion.
    “Yes Grant, that is true. Your sales people expend waaaay more energy and focus than the forest workers making it even more critical for them to stay hydrated, and imagine if we could give you even 10% more effectiveness, how many more deals could you be taking down?”

  • 4movecheckmate

    MaximusNguyen I’m with you. It’s not the worst thing that could happen. The thing is, in a 60 second pitch where you need to display complete control of the flow of communication, opening yourself up for an objection that early could lead to less control depending on how it’s received. 

    I like the response you wrote, though. If you had that at the tip of your tongue it probably wouldn’t be an issue.

    Great work.

  • Jonna Johnson

    Great Pitch!

  • Thank you Jonna!

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